Custom Darth Vader Armchair Lets You Chill Like The Sith Lord

The last we heard, being on the dark side was never relaxing, but in the event you do find the time to chill amidst all the chaos and hopeless Stormtrooper shootings, well, then here’s the throne you may want to relax on. Created by Etsy seller DSDStudio, The Dark Side Armchair, as it is called, […]

Tomica Darth Vader Semi Is The Father Of All Star Cars Because Why Not?

Star Wars has absolutely no relation to automotive, but that didn’t stop companies from trying to associate with one of the century’s greatest sci-fi movie franchise. Automakers have already churned out Star Wars-themed Dodge vehicles, a Fiat 500E, and even an over-the-top C5 Corvette-based Darth Vader Car, and so it is not a surprised to […]

Darth Vader USB Car Charger: Luke, Your Father Is Now A Charging Device

What happens when the Death Star is blown to bits? Well, anyone that survives will be out of job and the same goes to Darth Vader – if he didn’t die. In fact, not only did he not die, he managed to find himself in more useful situations, such as help make bread crispy toasty, […]

Darth Vader Melted Helmet: The Dark Side Will Make You $3,500 Poorer

Darth Vader has no part to play in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but damn, this Sith Lord simply can’t rest in peace and his spirit still lingers in the seventh Star Wars movie, or at least, he is to Kylo Ren, who holds him in high regard. Darth Vader didn’t appear in the […]

This Darth Vader Is Fuming Mad, Dispenses Mist To Humidify Your Room

When the Dark Sith is fuming mad, he just used his Force to choke whoever that ticks him off, but not to worry, the ’he’ you see here won’t do the same to you mostly because it is only a helmet and also because ‘he’ is a Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. And did we mention […]

Forget About Yule Log, Let Five Hours Of Burning Darth Vader Keep You Warm This Cold Season

Forget about real burning yule log this winter season, because this cold season, it is all about Star Wars and what’s more appropriate than to stream Darth Vader burning in a funeral pyre for five hours straight? Sure, it will not keep your flesh and blood body warm, but it will warm your heart and […]

Get Your Star Wars Fix in the Shower with These Star Wars Showerheads

The upcoming Star Wars is really a huge deal to Disney. How do you tell besides the obvious? Well, you know it when Star Wars merchandize transcends beyond toys and video games, and start popping up as commercial jet and the latest, as showerheads. Yup. You heard that right. Showerheads. Finally, fans can have their […]

If Darth Vader Had A Car, This Is What It Will Look Like

Lord Vader probably don’t need a mundane transport like the C5 Corvette, but if he ever had one, it will probably look like this Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car. absolutely no doubt about it. however, Death Star is probably lacking of highway for it anyway. if you have watched the original trilogy over and over […]

Darth Vader Life Size Vintage Monument

when you were a kid, you probably had a few 3 3/4-inch Star Wars action figures. now that you have all grown up, it is only right that your love for Star Wars collectibles grow in size too, which makes this Darth Vader Life Size Vintage Monument a good place to start. though referred to […]

Star Wars Gold Darth Vader and Yoda Cufflinks

geeks come in different shapes and sizes, and so are their social and wealth statuses. for those geeks and in this case, Star Wars geeks in particular, who are in the Scrooge McDuckian circle, here are a pair of Star Wars-themed cufflinks from Neiman Marcus to fulfill your needs to (a) reaffirm your status as a hardcore Star Wars fan;