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Dunhill Mini Projector

Dunhill Mini Projector
Dunhill Mini Projector | US$850.00 | www.dunhill.com

let’s face it: not all geeks are contented with gadgets offered by everyday electronics giants and hence the existence of the market for luxury gadgets such as this Mini Projector and Presentation Case by Alfred Dunhill. though better known for its designer suits and leather goods, the projector isn’t crafted out of leather but its accompanying presentation case, the Chassis Leather Case as it is called, is certainly of leather. touted as a “compact yet powerful” mini projector, it is cited that the Mini Projector can be connected to a range of sources Continue reading Dunhill Mini Projector

Prada Headphones – designer cans, anyone?

Prada Headphones
(image: Prada) Prada Headphones | US$595.00 | www.prada.com

for fashionable geeks who adore designer label like Prada, you probably would be eyeing on the upcoming Prada Phone by LG 3.0 (and probably have the two first iterations already) and you can now further boost your opulent self-indulgence geeky lifestyle by making the freshly announced Prada Headphones as part of your geek-with-designer-style look. yes, Prada has launched itself straight into the high-end audio headphones arena with its Prada Headphones that sports a minimalist black design with Prada’s signature Saffiano pattern, surrounded by chrome accent, and a collapsible design. in short, it is the pair of cans that could even make the geekiest nerd look chic. like all good Prada products, it comes with a draw string bag with the all-important Prada triangle emblem slapped on. Continue reading Prada Headphones – designer cans, anyone?

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 Android Smartphone

Prada Phone by LG 3.0
(image: LG) Prada Phone by LG 3.0 | US$tba | www.lg.com

when it comes to mobile phone, luxury is not the name of the game but opulent beings still have myriad option to splurge top dollars in designer’s phone. however, if you only put your trust in real phone maker but still want a designer brand name for it, the upcoming Prada Phone by LG 3.0 might just be the phone you need. in its third iteration, the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 also follows the tradition of Prada having the design touch, while LG takes on the hardware department. as it turns out, the phone is clad in a minimalist black with its back cover in Prada’s signature Saffiano pattern. since the hardware is taken by LG, you can be sure you will be getting both beauty and performance, so to speak. this smartphone is equipped with a dual-core 1GHz processor, and running on Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) OS. Continue reading Prada Phone by LG 3.0 Android Smartphone

Jil Sander Mobile – smartphone powered by Windows Mango

Jil Sander Mobile 620x354px
(photos: Jil Sander) Jil Sander Mobile | €tba | store.jilsander.com

luxury fashion label Jil Sander has partnered with Korea electronics giant, LG Electronics to launch their very first smartphone, simply dubbed as the Jil Sander Mobile. fancy name, it does not have but judging from the images, it does have some sleek lines there, accented by the Jil Sander’s signature electric Blue. naturally, LG provides it with the necessary electronics livery that includes a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a 5.0-megapixels autofocus camera with LED flash, HD 720p video recording, WiFi, digital compass, and of course, GSM/HSPDA+ connectivity. the Jil Sander mobile will run on the latest Windows 7.5 aka Mango. Continue reading Jil Sander Mobile – smartphone powered by Windows Mango

Bill Amberg Airplane Belt function like real airplane seat belts

Bill Amberg Airplane Belt 544x388px
(credit: Bill Amberg) Bill Amberg Airplane Belt | from £125.00 | www.billamberg.com

for the fashion conscious folks, putting on a belt is not just a because-you-need-to affair. it is a statement to say who you are and if you belong to the aforementioned fashion aficionados, this Airplane Belt from Bill Amberg might just the thing you want on your waist, either that or you are a huge fan of flying. i know am not but this is a belt that will get you the attention your deserve. design like the actual airplane seat belts, this novel belt even hooks up like the real thing Continue reading Bill Amberg Airplane Belt function like real airplane seat belts

Paul Smith Universal Adapter: adapter with a touch of luxury

Paul Smith Universal Adapter 900x600px
(credit: Paul Smith) Paul Smith Universal Adapter | €145.00 | www.paulsmith.co.uk

if your life revolves around luxury designer products, then you probably already have designer light switches in your home but when you travels, shouldn’t your universal adapter should be of designer item as well? for completeness sake. lucky for you, there’s the Paul Smith universal adapter that cost a pricey €145 (about US$210 – a princely sum in the universal adapter world) to go with your luxe lifestyle. for that price, you will get the usual coverage of electrical plugs, along with two powered USB ports for your mobile gadgets charging needs. apart from that, you will also get the good look blessed by Paul Smith and a black leather case to store it when not in use. the latter being an essential item to protect your investment and looking stylist when you travel. you got to admit that universal adapter never look so luxurious before. hit past the jump and check out a few more views to judge for yourself. Continue reading Paul Smith Universal Adapter: adapter with a touch of luxury

vintage style Paul Smith Men’s Steamer Luggages

Paul Smith Steamer Trolley 544x400px
(credit: Paul Smith) Paul Smith Men’s Steamer Luggage | from £375.00 | www.paulsmith.co.uk

drawing inspiration from those vintage trunks used on ships, these hardshell luggages from British designer Paul Smith are sure to tantalize your vintage taste bud. dubbed simply as Steamer Trunks, these luggages come in three sizes (91-liter, 72-liter and 33-liter) and each luggage is hailed from durable plastic with double zip opening. these luggages feature multi-stripe leather trim side detailing, black leather trim carry handle, extendable pull-along handle, two adjustable clothing restraints, combination lock, a handful of zip fastening and netted pockets, and Paul Smith signature engraved hardware. the Paul Smith Men’s Steamer Luggages are available now from Paul Smith web store with a price starting from £375 (about US$615) for the Steamer Small Trolley Case, £435 (about US$714) for the medium version and the large size Steamer will set you back at £450 (about US$738). Continue reading vintage style Paul Smith Men’s Steamer Luggages

Gucci Mocassin has carbon fiber inserts at its heels

Gucci Mocassin 544x498px
(credit: Carbon Fiber Gear) Gucci Mocassin | US$425.00 | www.gucci.com

now, this is something you don’t see everyday: carbon fiber used in designer brand name shoes, let alone in fashion. traditionally, carbon fiber has been closely associated with automotive (cars, bikes or whatever), so it came as a surprise to find this cutting edge material on a pair of footwear. the Gucci Mocassin sports a beige/ebony GG plus design with dark brown trim, rubber outsoles and of course, carbon fiber on its heels. snazzy stuff. perfect fashion companion to your future Lamborghini sesto elemento, if it ever gets to production. perfetto. the good thing is, this pair of racy shoes are available for purchase for a pricey $425 a pair. then again, it’s just a fraction of the price of your would be supercar. more look after the break. Continue reading Gucci Mocassin has carbon fiber inserts at its heels

Chloé Leather iPad Case for the business-minded iPad user

Chloe Leather iPad Case 544x468px
(credit: Net-A-Porter) Chloé Leather iPad Case | £307.62 | www.net-a-porter.com

iPad (iPad 2 included) accessories that are classified as ‘cool’ are a dime a dozen and this particular Chloé item just happens to one of them. its clean and minimalist look is what might appeal to business-class iPad users. the blackcurrant hue lamb leather gives the case a formal business feel, but not overly seriously as oppose to the strictly serious black. the subtle touch of gold hardware is classy, yet not too ostentatious. i don’t know about you, this case makes a dude like me wanting one – even if it’s a Chloé. that said, it is from Chloé, so expect to shell out £307.62 for this classy beauty. pricey but honestly, the beauty is hard to resist if not for my wallet’s violent objections. even though it might not have any obvious features to scrutinize but still, do check out a few more images of this gorgeous case – for admiration sake. Continue reading Chloé Leather iPad Case for the business-minded iPad user

Dunhill Solar Charger – solar charging goes the luxury route

Dunhill Solar Charger 544x508px
(image credit: Dunhill) Dunhill Solar Charger | US$tba | www.dunhill.com

right after the biometric wallets, we didn’t we would see anymore gadget-related products from Dunhill but we are so very wrong. so here it is, a Solar Charger from Dunhill that’s clad in a lightweight aerospace grade aluminum and stored in its equally classy Chassis leather carry case when not in use. the solar panel swivels out to grab its necessary energy or if light source is lacking, it can be recharged via a computer’s USB. when fully charged, it will provide up to 30-hours of charge time for your mobile phone or MP3 player. function wise, it may sounds rather ordinary but the design is certainly looking pretty sleek. though no indicative price for it, it is safe to assume that this gadget will be anything but cheap. Continue reading Dunhill Solar Charger – solar charging goes the luxury route