Balenciaga Did It Again. This Time, It has A Car Mat Skirt. Yes. That Car Mat.

When it comes to fashion, sci-fi movies often depict them as one) uniformed look (such as in the The Island), or two, super avant-garde (like in The Fifth Element). TBH, I don’t know what fashion holds for us in the future, but then we stumbled upon Balenciaga latest Fall 2017 collection and we went like, […]

Crocs With Rocks Are A Thing And They Are Kind Of A Thing Of Luxury

Believe it or not, one of the worst things that could ever happen to footwear has been given a dose of high fashion by London-based Scottish fashion designer, Christopher Kane. You must thinking, what’s the big deal? Of course it is no biggie, until you realize the “worst things that could ever happen to footwear” […]

Eye Spy: Spec-tacular Guide to Designer Eyewear

Although the old adage goes, “The clothes make the man,” your choice of eyewear can also make or break your look. A new pair of specs is the perfect way to update your look without breaking the bank. With this spec-tacular guide to designer eyewear, ensure your sartorial superiority remains in tact.

Zegna Sport Icon Jacket

calling for geeks with deep pockets, the Zegna Sport Icon Jacket might be the jacket you have been waiting all your gadget life. we are serious, because this is probably the first connected jacket in the market that offers Bluetooth connectivity, complete with joystick control pad on the cuff for answering calls

Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties

like the late Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, we believe in what goes inside (of anything) must look as good as what’s on the outside, and hence, we thought the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is a perfect fit of that ethos. crafted from the finest 350 end silk twill, the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is hand pressed, and as its name

Polo Ralph Lauren Nylon Utility Backpack

well, what can we say? it was love at first sight for us and it will be same for you if you have been frequenting our site. the Polo Ralph Lauren Nylon Utility Backpack basically hits the the geek’s style sweet spot squarely. crafted from durable nylon twill, this designer camper backpack features a flap top with contrasting drawstring closure that opens up

LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks

how luxurious can a camera strap get? hardly. unless it hails from a Parisan design label like Louis Vuitton but wait, LV does not officially have any camera strap, do they? the solution? grab one off from RileyG Designworks. you have to appreciate the bravery and dedication these folks have in order to produce such…

LUMINOUS iPhone 5 Case by AYANO

you know what’s rare when it comes accessories for iPhone 5? one that’s geared specifically for the fairer sex, that’s what. this is what makes the LUMINOUS iPhone 5 Case by AYANO stands out from the ocean of accessories designed for iPhone 5. the name might not tell it all but the LUMINOUS, designed by renowned designer Ayano Kimura, is a case for your iPhone 5 and…

Dunhill Mini Projector

let’s face it: not all geeks are contented with gadgets offered by everyday electronics giants and hence the existence of the market for luxury gadgets such as this Mini Projector and Presentation Case by Alfred Dunhill. though better known for its designer suits and leather goods, the projector isn’t crafted out of leather but its accompanying presentation case, the…