Luxury bags do not need to be serious. But what exactly makes a bag fun? Well, my take is, bags that sport anime and/or manga designs, and/or bags that have shapes that aren’t conventional. The latter is exactly what the new Coach Shapes Collection is about: unconventional shapes.

Coach Shapes Bags Collection 2023

To be fair, the shapes found on the Coach Shapes are conventional, just that they aren’t conventional shapes for bags, luxury, or not.

Not a lot is known about this collection. We only have a single Coach’s Weibo posting to go with. From Coach’s social media post, we know the collection includes shapes like a rabbit, an apple, a bone, a fish, and even a hand of bananas. We heard it also has shaped like lops, hearts, and stars too.

Each bag is presented in a single color and with Coach embossed monogram.

Anyhoo, the collection debuted at New York Fashion Week 2023. It is not clear when the collection will hit the shelves and for how much.

Coach Shapes Bags Collection 2023
Coach Shapes Bags Collection 2023

Images: Weibo (Coach蔻驰) [CH].

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