Foldable Micro Size Drone Uses Origami Technique, Unfolds in a Snap

The now-popular configuration of drone, i.e. quad or multi rotor setup, makes them difficult to stowaway. Even the smallest of drones can’t fit into your pocket without breaking a rotor or two. That’s probably not a concern for hobbyists who rather the drone be bigger for visual clarity sake when flying. But if a drone […]

Sprite Breaks Aerial Imaging Drone Tradition with Coaxial and Tube Form

Forget what you know about imaging unmanned aerial vehicle, because if you are looking to deploy such a vehicle spontaneously, Sprite Rugged Imaging Drone is the way to go. Why? For starter, It has a tube-shaped design which enable it to be slip right into your backpack’s side pocket, which means quick access to it […]

Using This Follow-me Camera Drone is as Easy as Flinging it into the Air

Thanks to makers like DJI, imaging drones are easier to pilot then ever before. Today, the operator can be more of a videographer than a pilot and just when thought this is where imaging drone tech peaks, comes along a new entrant called Lily Camera Drone. It promised ease of flying. No, wait. In fact, […]

Swiss Post to Trial Drone Delivery for Small Packages and Documents

Drones are invading our lives and they don’t seem to be stopping. If anything, drone uses have grown exponentially and in every situation imaginable. It has gone beyond leisure and imaging, and are being used in some parts of the world to delivery small packages like meds and there’s even a bold plan to turn […]

Watch NASA Massive Ten-engine Electric Drone Morphs From a Helicopter to a Plane While in Midair

NASA has a new ‘toy’ that could one day change the way we fly or how we deliver small packages, and this new ‘toy’ is the Greased Lightning GL-10 VTOL Drone. NASA did not specifically refer to it as a drone (maybe drone sounds little less friendly?), but as remotely controlled electric plane. The GL-10 […]

3D Robotics’ New Solo Drone Can Fly Autonomously So You Can Focus on Camera Control

Imaging drone opens up to a world of possibilities (and kind of puts helicopter pilots out of job) in videography, allowing previously costly aerial shots to be made by almost anyone, but it does has its inherent problem: flying and taking good camera shots simply do not mix. Not that it can’t be done, but […]

DJI Introduces Phantom 3, Comes Standard with Camera and Gimbal to Get You Started

If you are a first timer picking up the hobby of aerial imaging, then you would want to take to the sky as soon as possible and not fiddle with assembly and sourcing for a camera. If so, DJI latest Phantom iteration, the Phantom 3, is for you. Available in two flavors, denoted by Professional […]

U.S. Navy Develops Sub-hunting Flying Submarine Drone Inspired by Ducks

We have seen how drone can be made to fly and crawl like a bat, now meet one that draws its inspiration from duck, allowing it to fly and swim. This latest drone development dubbed Flimmer (for flying and swimming) is, not surprisingly, the work of U.S. Naval Research Laboratory with the aim to provide […]

OnePlus’ April Fools’ Day Tiny Drone Prank Turns Out to be a Real-deal

Can you imagine a handset maker making drones? Nope we can’t, but our opinions will not affect China handset maker, OnePlus, from embarking on a prank that says they do and even setup an elaborate web page, detailing the remote control toy “features” and capability, you know, to be more convincing. The quadcopter in question […]

ElecFreaks’ ELF Nano Drone Wants to Take Selfie to a Greater Height, Boast VR for 3D Videoing Too

If you think selfie stick limits your selfie potential i.e. you’re missing the background and such, then an imaging drone is the answer. And if want to take drone-based imaging to yet another level, there’s the ELF 3D-VR Nano Drone. As the product name implies, it is a drone that not only does what the […]