CycleBoard Scooter Lets You Surf On Land, Snowboard Without Snow

Motorized skatescooter is not the newest news, but what CycleBoard Standup Electric Scooter has to offer is much more. For starter, it gets the much dreaded putting a foot down for balancing when stopping out of the equation with its three-wheel setup. However, the highlight here is its pretty revolutionary steering system that comes actually […]

VW’s BUDD-e Concept Bus Is More Like Internet Of Things On Wheels

It seems like every automaker has flocked to the world’s biggest consumer electronic show to showoff their “tech-centric” vehicles. Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen is no exception, or should we say a must after the emission fiasco? Understandably, VW has an electric vehicle in tow for this year’s CES and it is called BUDD-e. Well, it’s a bus, […]

Airwheel A3 is Like the Segway, but With Saddle and Narrower Too

Segway is cool. It is being used the world over, including by the famous fictional Mall Cop named Paul Blart, but lets face it: not everyone fancy standing like Blart and if you happen to be among the ‘not everyone’, then China-based Airwheel’s electric self-balancing scooter, A3, might right up alley. It is the company’s […]

Mini Citysurfer Concept is not a Car, it is an Electric Skatescooter That Fits Into The Trunk of Your Mini

The Mini might be small, but that doesn’t mean it can reach everywhere you wish to go and thus, persistence existence of the last mile. Taking a stroll or in the case of an urban jungle, a hike, to your intended destination might not be a big deal, but to end up drenched in perspiration […]

Quadrofoil Electric Hydrofoil Personal Watercraft Lets You ‘Fly’ Over Water at Up to 21 Knots

Powerboats or speedboats have long been regarded as the sports car of the open water, but there is a new kid on the block that wants usurp this status quo and its name is Quadrofoil, an electric hydrofoil personal watercraft. Hydrofoil, though rare, is not the newest new, but to find hydrofoil as a compact […]

U-Boat Worx’s New HP Sport Sub 2 is a $1.35M “Subsea Ferrari”

One can hardly consider submarine ‘sporty’, but Dutch submersible maker U-Boat Worx begs to differ. Their newest entrant, the U-Boat Worx HD Sport Sub 2, is a 2-person submersible which the company bills as the “subsea-Ferrari”. Well, it is not going to rocket you to 55 knots in seconds like a Ferrari per se, but […]

BYD Lancaster eBus is the World’s Largest Battery Electric Vehicle, Touts Over 170 Miles in Range

looking at the current battery technology, we’d be lucky to see cars going electric, but BYD Motors is apparently undeterred and confident with the company’s own Iron-Phosphate Battery has created the world’s largest electric vehicle, an articulated 60-foot passenger that sits 120 and capable of traveling over 170 miles (274 km) on a single charge. […]

DeepFlight Has a New Hover-capable Submarine and It Is Called Dragon

for decades, man have soar across the sky, but the thing is, there is really nothing to see up there. it’s just blue sky (or black if its night time), clouds and more clouds, which is why flying is pretty much relegated to transportation. so if you want some seriously mind-blowing sightseeing beyond land, then […]

This Nissan LEAF Has a Frontier Bed and So Yes, It Is a Nissan LEAF Truck

elsewhere if you need a workhorse to haul things around, you procure a pickup truck to do the job, but Nissan’s Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona, is not the ‘elsewhere’ and so befitting their engineering background, they made one instead, or more specifically, they torn up the rear quarter of a LEAF, throws in a […]

Hexhog Gives Wheelchair-bound Users The Power To Explore The Backcountry Terrains

being wheelchair bound does not mean one has to be restricted to the confines of proper roads. with the Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair, wheelchair users will be empowered with the ability to explore the vast wilderness and backcountry areas which conventional wheelchair can’t go – all thanks to the vehicle’s patented flexing chassis and a six-wheel […]