Acton Blink Qu4tro Is A 4-wheel Drive Electric Skateboard That Goes 22 Miles

By now, electric skateboard is a commonplace and most electric skateboards function as they should, but if you look closer, they are also mostly single-wheel drive which anyone with basic electric know-how can cobble up one. However, the Blink Qu4tro Electric Skateboard you see here is not ‘most of them’ because, as the product name […]

Leafboard Is An Electric Skateboard That’s Both Small And Very Affordable

If you count skateboard as your choice of transportation for beating the traffic, then I suppose you won’t want to kick your way and also, discredit longboard as the way to go as it is way to cumbersome – especially when you need to hop onto a crowded train or tram. Well, fret not. Skateboard […]

DeepFlight’s New 3-Seat Super Falcon Submarine Targets Tropical Resorts

Most people won’t be able to afford a yacht, much less a leisure submarine, in their lifetime but thanks to the collaboration between personal submarine maker DeepFlight and China-based deep-sea equipment maker and research firm Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, you may be able to ‘fly’ underwater soon when you hit up certain tropical resorts. We said […]

HoverPowered Wants To Turn Balancing Hoverboard Into A Go-kart

The rather infamous and much used Hoverboard, as we all know now, does not quite hovers. It is nothing more than a miniature Segway except that it has no handlebar, but surprisingly, it has quite a following and there are even folks who step out and create accessories for it. We have seen how it […]

This Is Olli, She’s Your Near Future Autonomous Transportation

The future of transportation, private and commercial alike, will no doubt be going autonomous. Why? Because we simply can’t trust ourselves to drive, or perhaps, leaving computer to do the job will be comparatively safer than sentient beings behind the wheel? Whatever it is, we do we have a strong feeling that car-rights group will […]

Concept Self-driving Electric Truck Looks Awesome, But Not Aerodynamic

When we first lay eyes on the Self-driving Electric Truck Concept for Audi designed by Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko, we are were captivated. The entire aesthetic is, how do you say, futuristic? But unfortunately, as much as we love its sporty design, we know it is not going to happen. First, it defies basic […]

Ninebot by Segway Minipro Is A Classier But Pricer ‘Hoverboard’

In a way, Segway kind of revolutionaized electric mobility, but it is pricey and rather cumbersome due to the size. The latter is a huge hurdle if you live in an apartment without elevators. However, with the Ninebot by Segway Minipro, this smart self-balancing personal transporter offers what its larger sibling has to offer, but […]

HoverBars Turn Hoverboard Into A Ski-like Electric Vehicle For Safety’s Sake

It looks like BoatsToGo is not the only company peddling accessory tailored specifically for the so-called Hoverboard. As it turns out, a duo (one of them is medical practitioner) has created an accessory that will turn your Hoverboard into a safer electric vehicle. As you may have learned, perhaps in a hard way, a sense […]

eFOLDi: Mobility Scooter Reinvented To Double As a Chair And a Suitcase

You know those mobility scooters use by folks who have mobility issues? Yeah. Those three-wheeled electric vehicles. They aren’t exactly mobile, are they? I mean, stairs posed a major problem and so do getting on public transportations like buses and trains. Well, those, my friend, are problems eliminated if SunTech has its way. The company’s […]

Hoverboard Cart Turns Hoverboard Into A Mobile Beach Throne

The so-called Hoverboard, a two-wheel balancing board, has gotten much attention over last few years due not to its novelty but for its propensity to go up in flame, or exploding, without rime or reason. That being said, this “highly volatile” product is probably the last thing you will expect anyone to make accessories for […]