USJ Will Be Getting Evangelion Vs. Godzilla Ride For Cool Japan 2019

Universal Studio Japan celebrated this year’s ‘Cool Japan’ with a Final Fantasy-themed ride and next year, it is going to get even more exciting for Japan pop culture/anime fans because, there is going to be a Godzilla Vs. Evangelion ride. Godzilla and Evangelion are not alone in this ‘Cool Japan’ 5th anniversary celebration; there will […]

New Balance Japan Releasing Super Dope Evangelion-themed Sneakers

Fans of Evangelion is going to dig this. New Balance Japan has announced a collaborative sneakers collection with the cult mecha anime. Yes! It is happening… again! And boy, are those shoes looking super dope! I am totally all over even though I know very well I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on […]

Bandai Announced Premium Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 Figure

The iconic mecha, EVA Unit-01, from the cult anime series Evangelion is getting a premium format action figure. Announced last week by Bandai Spirit, this newly designed figure will fall under the brand’s high-end model lineup ‘METAL BUILD’. In addition to the draw of it being premium format, it has another draw here: it is […]

Here’s The First Teaser Trailer Of New Evangelion The Movie

Just a while ago, we saw how Japan’s King Record is keeping the Evangelion burning with a newly put together music video and now, we are seeing a teaser trailer of the new big screen Evangelion, destined to the hit the theaters in 2020. But brace yourself cos’ there is not a lot to take […]

You Can Turn Yourself Into Evangelion Unit-01 With This Shoulder Cushion

You may not feel it if you are outside of Japan, but the Evangelion ‘fever’ has never stopped. The number of merchandises being turn out is a testimony of the on-going popularity of this pop culture giant mecha. The cushion, AKA throw pillow, you see here is the latest to join the growing Evangelion merchandises. […]

Supposedly ’Cute’ Take Of Evangelion Figure Looks Creepy As Hell

Funko is the name in cute-tifying characters, so is Chris Uminga’s take. Uminga’s iterations of superheroes may look ‘creepy’ but they are pale in comparison with the newly announced Shiny EVA-01 Parfom Evangelion Figure. It is new, shiny metallic variant joining the “Parfom” line, which is a highly posable and cute re-imagining of Evangelion. Well, […]

Creator Of Evangelion Visited The Largest EVO-01 Unit In Shanghai

Unveiled last year was the largest statue of the Evangelion Unit-01, located in Shanghai. More than a year on after it was unveiled and also bagging Guinness World Records as the largest Evangelion (yes, there is such a record!), the creator of the cult alien-fighting mecha anime, Hideaki Anno, finally made a visit to check […]

King Records Is Keeping Evangelion Alive With New Single And Music Video

If you have doubts over Neon Genesis Evangelion’s immortality, well, lets just say that it is very much alive. In between now and the last series and the last movie, there have been a series of collaboration and promotional stuff, including Evangelion-themed smartphone, Evangelion-themed bullet train, human-size statue which was sold at Japan’s 7-Eleven, and […]

You Can Soon Get Evangelion-Themed Guitar Accessories In Japan

Evangelion may not have new anime, TV shows or movies in recent memories, but this mecha anime has quite a cult following. In fact, it is probably still a thing in Japan, since there are actually racing teams in its name in Land of the Rising Sun and also the fact that Japan music instrument […]

Evangelion Motorsport Team Makes You Wonder Why Anime Motorsport Team Haven’t Caught Up Yet

When it comes motorsport teams, it is only natural that we expect the organizations behind the teams to be of automobile-related. You know, organizations like automakers, car tuners, motor oil brands et cetera and most certainly not anime. Wait, what??? Anime??? Yes. Anime as in Japanese animation. As with life, there is always exception and […]