ASUS Showoff Insane, Water-cooled 4K Gaming Laptop at IFA 2015

There’s limits to how powerful a gaming laptop could be, as we all know, laptop isn’t something that promotes fast cooling, which is a prerequisite for any insanely powerful rig. But if ASUS has its way, maybe, just maybe, crazy powerful laptops could be a reality and the crazy contraption you see here, dubbed GX-700, […]

MSI Announces The World’s First Gaming Laptop Outfitted with Mechanical Keyboard

Graphics is not the only factor affecting a gamer’s decision on whether to go for a portable or a desktop gaming rig. There is one other thing a desktop has to offer that laptop can’t: mechanical keyboard. For ages, desktop PC gamers have been enjoying the goodness brought about by mechanical keyboard, but for laptop […]

MSI Goes For Gold With NewEgg Exclusive Gold Edition GGS60 Ghost Gaming Laptops

black is usually the color of choice for gaming laptops. seriously, i will never know why it is such. perhaps, gamers prefer black for the stealthy look? in any case you are not a conformist and willing to bag yourself one in color that will speak of the hardware prowess, the MSI Gold Edition GS60 […]

Alienware 13: Rejoice Gamers, Small Gaming Laptop Lives Again In Dell

there was a time when Dell thought small laptops have no place in the gaming world. a notion subsequently challenged by Razer and proven wrong. it was a shame that Dell chose to axe the M11x years ago. it was a great machine. i know it because i had one. but it looks like someone […]

GT72 Dominator Pro Is MSI’s Latest Desktop Replacement For Hardcore Gamers

between a desktop and a laptop, some gamers may choose the latter over the former. why? possibly for less clutter and the freedom to relocate whenever they want. if you belongs to this need to be mobile group, MSI just the right rig for you. billed as the “benchmark breaking desktop replacement”, the MSI GT72 […]

ASUS Announced A Barrage Of Gaming Products At Computex, Including A Console PC

ASUS has come a long way with its gaming arm, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) and not surprisingly, it has taken the opportunity at the Computex 2014 to unveil a barrage of drool-worthy gaming gears, including a small form factor gaming desktop (G20), a console PC (GR8), a gaming laptop (GX500), gaming motherboards (Crossblade Ranger […]

MSI GGS60 Ghost and GS70 Stealth Gaming Laptops

one of the thing the world is not lacking of is probably portable gaming rigs. thanks to big name like MSI who are constantly innovating and turning up more powerful mobile gaming laptops encased in lighter and thinner form factor. while the new MSI GGS60 Ghost and GS70 Stealth Gaming Laptops may not be the lightest or thinnest…

AORUS X7 17″ SLI Gaming Laptop

at 22.9mm AORUS X7 17″ SLI Gaming Laptop may not be thinnest, but it is possibly the lightest 17-inch class gaming laptop, tipping the scale just 2.9 kilograms (6.39 lbs) and that’s for a machine that boasts a pair of NVIDIA GTX 765M graphics chips, as oppose to say, the Razer Blade Pro which has a single chip…

New Razer Blade 14-inch Gaming Laptop Breaks 3K Resolution

Razer finally gives its sub-par display Blade 14-inch gaming laptop a refresher (hi-five for you if you have deliberated almost a year and have not plunk down the money). the latest Blade, the 2nd 14-inch class gaming rig, now boasts a retina-watering 3,200 x 1,800 resolution, Windows 8-friendly 10-point multitouch display, which effectively overtakes…

MSI GT60 15.6″ 3K Display Laptops

hard luck for you if you are expecting Ultra HD to arrive to laptop anytime soon, but if you are adamant on giving your eyes the eye-candy when gaming or slogging away on AutoDesk, we’d say 3K is your best bet for now. speaking of 3K, MSI has just the laptops touting that sub-4K, but nevertheless eye-watering resolution