Ghostbusters: Afterlife: First It Was All-Women Ghostbusters And Now, What? Kids?

Not going to lie. I did not watch the teaser of the new Ghostbusters last year and so, I am feeling kind of shell-shocked by the first trailer of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. For one, it is most definitely not a comedy like the original and also, it is certainly not a reboot like Paul Feig’s 2016 […]

Meet The Halloween Cars From Turo: Mystery Machine, Ecto-1 And DMC DeLorean

While kids go about trick or treating this Halloween, grown ups hit up parties. If you are doing the latter, you will need a matching ride to make an entrance. It is not mandatory, but it’d be a more complete experience. More so if your theme of choice is say, Scooby-Doo, Ghostbusters, or perhaps Back […]

Here’s The Official Look At Ghost-busting Transformers Optimus Prime

You heard it is coming and you have seen the “leaked” images, now here’s the official look of the latest Transformers and Ghostbusters mash up, Hasbro MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition. The set, as we have reported previously, is the good’ol Prime, but now sporting a more subtle colorways and in Ghostbusters livery – complete […]

Total Nostalgia: Funko Pop! PEZ Ghostbusters Stay Puft Dispenser

Many characters have graced the topper of the Austrian mechanical candy dispensers, PEZ. You should not be surprised to find C-3PO, Chewbecca, Hello Kitty and the likes on it, but the destructive marshmallow monster, Stay Puft, from the original Ghostbusters movie? Probably not, but here it is anyways, the Funko Pop! PEZ Ghostbusters Stay Puft […]

First Look Of The Transformers x Ghostbusters Optimus Prime Toy

Here’s the first look of the Takara Tomy Transformers MP-1GB Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition that is supposed to be only reveal at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in July. Takara Tomy Transformers MP-1GB Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition is essentially the Masterpiece Optimus Prime in Ghostbusters colors with a little bit extra. It being Ghostbusters colors, […]

Don’t Say We Never Tell You: PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Sets Get 20% Off

In today’s ‘don’t say we never tell you’ post, our all-time favorite online retail giant Amazon has struck 20 percent off on select Playmobil Ghostbusters Sets, two PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters set to be precise. As of now, the sets on offer include PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Venkman and Terror Dogs which […]

Official Pics Of The New Ghostbusters LEGO Set May Contain Movie Spoilers

Previewing toys for new upcoming movie runs the risk of spoilers. Like in the case of the Ghostbusters reboot, the images of the movie’s official LEGO set recently unveiled on Danish toymaker’s Facebook page may have unveiled a teeny bit spoiler. So, consider yourself warned, spoiler-haters. Anyways, the set, which would be called Ecto-1&2, includes […]

Iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Finally Gets LEGO-lized

It kind of missed out the 30th anniversary, but I guess it is better late than never. We are talking about the much anticipated Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ which has officially LEGO-lized. The LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Set is set to hit the shelves in January 2016 for a grand price of $349.99 (ouch!). Clearly, this […]

Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition Super Deluxe Vinyl Has Just Two Songs, But Packs a Bunch of Extras

this year marks the 30th anniversary of the 1984 cult comedy Ghostbusters and if you are a fan, or just anyone who holds dearly to the rocking 80s, then we think the Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition Super Deluxe Vinyl is a must-have addition to your Ghostbusters hall of fame or 80s pop culture shrine. i […]