This Classy Outdoor Canopy Aims To Provide Free Electricity To Your Home

You have a yard (back or front) and you need a shade for the outdoor, so why not leverage on it (the shade) to create free electricity for your home? Sure, you can cover your entire roof with Tesla Solar Roof, but the initial cost of investment is not for everyone. So, before you have […]

Dutch Company Wants To Use Crows To Clean Up City Of Cigarette Butts

Apparently, each year, the number of cigarette butts discarded onto the streets of the Netherlands outnumbered the population of the country by over 350 times and as you might have imagined, to clean up the astronomical number of cigarette butts would be an insurmountable task. What’s more is, you can’t just leave them be because, […]

This Is A Floating Trash Can That ‘Sucks’ Debris Into Its ‘Belly’

Sometimes, geological changes caused sink holes to form under lakes which result in water being drained away. A lake in California leverages on this hole-in-the-water phenomena to drain off excess water in Lake Berryessa in Napa County and direct them to behind the dam. So, what have all these have to do with Seabin? Well, […]

Israel To Test Wireless Charging Road That Charges EV As You Drive

Remember we are elated that electric highway is a reality, but at the same, disappointed as it is not we have imagined? You know. Overhead electric lines and pantograph-equipped vehicles are not quite what we have in mind of electrified roads, but the good news is, there’s hope for electric highways that are a whole […]

Electric Highway Is A Reality, But It Is Not What You May Have Imagined

When the automobile industry started seriously exploring electric drive, someone actually wanted to solve the range issue associated with poor battery life with highways that can charge the electric cars. Well, guess what? It has become a reality, sort of. Germany’s power and automation company Siemens, in partnership with Swedish truck maker Scania, has made […]

ZERA Turns Your Home’s Food Waste Into Ready-To-Use Fertilizer In 24 Hrs

You can’t call yourself a true tree-hugger if you are dumping 400 pounds of food waste year. I mean, on one hand, you are lobbying to keep the greens, but on the other, you are inevitably throwing food waste that ultimately ends up in a landfill. Now, that does not sound like a good thing, […]

A Kilometer Long Solar Road Opens In France For A Two-year Trial

What you see here is the “world’s first photovoltaic road,” installed in a small village of Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France. Stretching a good kilometer (0.6 mile), this 2,800 square meter (30,139 square foot) electricity-generating solar road will be put through a two-year test to see if it is able to supply the electricity necessary to […]

Alaska Airlines Made History With First Flight Powered By Forest Residuals

If you fly a lot, you are inevitably part of the environmental problem because the aircraft you fly in generates tons of CO2e per trip, but that could soon change – thanks to the world’s first renewable, alternative jet fuel developed by Washington State University-led Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA). This groundbreaking creation, which was […]

Will Tesla Powerwall 2 And Solar Roof Become Threats To Utility Providers?

A year after the introduction of electric power suppliers’ worst nightmare, the Powerwall Home Battery, Tesla is at it again, these time doubling electric power suppliers’ nightmare by two fold. Not did it introduced a higher capacity home battery, aptly called Powerwall 2, Tesla also unveiled roof tile-replacing solar panels called, well, Solar Roof. The […]

Beer Brewed From Partygoers’ Piss Probably Won’t Taste Like Piss

You know how some people said (some) beers taste like piss? Well, I can tell those people knows nothing, because clearly those beers aren’t made of urine, but then again, they could have drank this lager called From Sewer to Brewer which, if you haven’t get it from its name, is actually beer brewed from […]