With Renegade 3D Pen, Used Plastic Bottles Are The Filaments

Don’t discard your empty Sprite or Coca-Cola bottle just yet because it could be the material for your next 3D printing project. How so, you ask? Well, all thanks to a new innovative 3D pen, Renegade. Renegade 3D Pen is designed with a screw-feeder mechanism and powerful heating system that enables it melt down the […]

Potted Plant That Charges Your Phone Takes Going Green To A New Level

Folks. There’s a new invention to charge your mobile devices that takes going green to a whole new level. Bioo Lite, as it is called, is developed by Spanish company Arkyne Technologies and it leverages on potted plants’ natural photosynthesis process to charge your smartphone. The contraption consists of the pot containing a hermetical inner […]

This Is The World’s First Solar Power Generator With Swappable Battery

Can you live without electricity? Probably not and therefore it is wise to have some form of back up power when power outage strikes. In the past, diesel generators were the choice of power generation, but those things create too much of a ding and that’s not to mention the fumes it serves up, which […]

Meet Globio, A Home And Personal Security Suite Powered By Potato

When it comes to basic home security components like motion and vibration sensors, power is the main concern. Permanent power like cabling is a hassle and expensive, and that’s not to mention it is at the mercy of power cuts. Sure, you can always opt for battery-powered alternatives, but the battery life is far from […]

Tree-Monitoring “Laser Radar” Paints Forest In Enchanting Colors

It is said that 20 percent of trees harvested ended up as waste because they are not fit for use. If the data holds true, then this is a matter of grave concern as there are only about 3 trillion trees on the entire planet, which means we don’t have the luxury of stock and […]

Epson PaperLab Turns Wastepapers Into Usable Papers Right In Your Office

Deforestation, consumption of incredible amount of energy and water, plus contributing to air pollution and other waste problems. Those are the issues with papers, but yet, we can’t live without it. In the U.S. alone, paper made up of around 40% of the total waste generated and that, my friend, is a huge environmental issue. […]

SolarWindow Wants to Turn an Entire Skyscraper into a Giant Electricity Generating Structure

While companies like Vortex Bladeless is experimenting revolutionary way of turning wind energy into useable electricity suitable for urban landscape, Maryland-based SolarWindow wants to turn an entire building into a giant electricity generating structure. But how do they proposed to achieve that? Well, by an innovative transparent solar panel, which the company called SolarWindow, naturally. […]

Nissan Leaf’s Lithium-ion Batteries Given Second Life as Stationary Commercial Energy Storage

Tesla has done it and so has Mercedes-Benz. Now, Japan automaker Nissan is also into it. Yes. We are talking about stationary energy storage system for homes and businesses. While Tesla and Mercedes made announcements mainly for home use, Nissan’s iteration is geared towards commercial usage and it didn’t start from scratch either. Instead, Nissan […]

This Smartphone Case Extends Your Phone Battery Life by Converting RF Signals into Useable Electricity

Do you know that RF signals such as Bluetooth, WiFi and cell signals, transmitted are actually more than your device needs and bulk of them are wasted energy? To be honest, we have absolutely no idea, but apparently, it is a fact and an Ohio-based startup, Nikola Labs, has developed an iPhone case that extends […]

Mercedes-Benz Goes Head-to-Head with Tesla with its Own Home Battery

Still brooding over the fact that you weren’t fast enough and missed out on Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery? Well, it turns out, Tesla isn’t in the home battery game alone. Mercedes-Benz is in it too and the German luxury car maker is calling it “Private Energy Storage Plant.” Don’t be scare off by the word […]