If you haven’t heard, Sony DPT-CP1 10-inch Digital Paper has a bigger brother, the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. It is basically the DPT-CP1, but larger for seeing and writing more. We have just received a note from Sony, announcing a new color option, white, for the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. The new, white 13-inch DPT-RP1 model is mere color change, which means it shares the same features as the current black model.

Sony DPT-RP1 13” Digital Paper in White

For the benefit of those who don’t already know, Digital Paper is Sony’s vision of a paperless office environment without sacrificing the daily functions of reading, editing and annotating documents that we do on real paper. Being digital, Digital Paper has its perks, including the ability to share with other and store documents digitally for easy reference and review, and easy search for documents. Here are the key features of the Sony DPT-RP1 13” Digital Paper:

•   Annotate, erase, and highlight PDF files just like pen/pencil on paper.
•   16GB local storage - Users can carry up to approx. 10,000 PDF documents
•   Easy reading even outdoors on the glare free screen.
•   Long lasting rechargeable battery.
•   Sony Digital Paper Mobile Application – Smartphone companion app for Android and IOS for easy, convenient transfer of documents, forms and notes.
•   The Digital Paper companion app on PC or Mac allows two way transfer of single or multiple files to and from Digital Paper via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB
•   Slim and lightweight design. 

Sony DPT-RP1 13” Digital Paper in White is available now on Amazon for $699.99 a pop.

Sony DPT-RP1 13” Digital Paper in White

All images courtesy of Sony.

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