Overwatch Monopoly, Action Figures And NERF Blasters Coming Soon

Overwatch fans will have a hard time keeping their wallets because, Hasbro has unleashed a series of Overwatch-themed toys and collectibles, including Monopoly Overwatch Collector’s Edition. Well, what can we say? It is the Monopoly board game you have come to know, but with an Overwatch twist. A very unusual and interesting twist, I must […]

Hasbro’s New Star Wars Lightsaber Includes Training As A Jedi

Are you a parent who desires your young ones to master the art of wielding Lightsaber instead of learning piano or violin? Well, if so, you will be please to know that Hasbro has recently unveiled the Star Wars Lightsaber Academy. Star Wars Lightsaber Academy is not a school in a galaxy far, far away, […]

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Comes With 2 Demogorgon Figures

Fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things, rejoice! Cos’ the home-brew Dungeons & Dragons game you seen Mike Wheeler and his friends played in the first episode is now a real life board game. Announced at the New York Toy Fair 2019, the Hasbro Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set is based on “Hunt […]

Believe It Or Not, Playing With Toy Poops Is A Thing Now

If you haven’t already have enough of the Internet today, I am sure this news will make sure you will have enough. Hasbro’s famous line of modelling compound, Play-Doh, has just announced its latest playset that is literally poop-themed, aptly called Poop Troop. It is like South Park’s Mr Hankey all over again, but this […]

Fortnite Video Game Gets Its Own Monopoly Board Game

There’s not one board game that come close to Monopoly’s myriad of editions. We have seen quite a handful, from Fallout to Star Wars to Back to the Future, Monopoly has it all and now, even popular video game Fortnite isn’t spare from the board game treatment. Meet the Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board Game, a […]

Second Overwatch NERF Blaster Revealed And It Is A D.Va’s Light Gun

Remember the NERF Rival Overwatch Reaper Edition Blaster that is based on the Reaper’s Wight Hellfire shotgun announced at this year’s SDCC? Well, here’s another one announced over at the ChinaJoy in Shanghai and it is, of course, the D.Va Light Gun. This is true to the heroine’s small arm, though clearly not in the […]

Hasbro Wants To Sell You An Overwatch NERF Blaster… In 2019

Overwatch fans cosplaying as Reaper Wight will be glad to know that you need not cobble your own Reaper weapon of choice, the Hellfire Shotguns because, Hasbro and Blizzard Entertainment has come together to create one. There’s a caveat to it though: the blaster will only land in 2019 with no specific dates to it. […]

Into The Spider-Verse Characters And The Action Figures Revealed

Sony has revealed three more characters joining the the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, and Peni Parker (SP//dr) will join Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in the upcoming animated flick set to hit the theaters on December 14, 2018. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will […]

Hasbro’s Articulated Infinity Gauntlet Is Wearable And Not A Bank-breaker

As much as we love the life-size replica of the Mad Titan’s prized space glove, AKA Infinity Gauntlet, I know very well I will not get it because of several reasons. Firstly, I do not live a mansion with extra rooms to display all these drool worthy collectibles. Secondly, blogger-level of income does not allow […]

Hasbro Jabba’s Sail Barge Gets Funded Just When We Thought It Wouldn’t

Just last week, we expressed our skepticism if Hasbro’s first crowdfunding collectible, the Star Wars Vintage Collection Jabba Sail Barge, will get funded. Well, the good news for fans is, not only did it got the 5,000 backers it was seeking, but the campaign has concluded with 8,840 pre-orders! Holy cow! It has more than […]