Travel: Dive Down to 40 Meters in Body-friendly Temperature Water at the World’s Deepest Pool

if you always have this dream of diving deep, but have this uncontrollable fear of the wild ocean (we totally understand why), then here’s a good news for you. you can now scuba or free dive down to 40 meters (about 131 feet) deep, knowing you are safe from the natural (and sometime ferocious) inhabitants […]

Travel: Royal Caribbean Quantum Of The Seas Is A High-Tech Cruise Ship That Keeps You Connected At High Seas

good news, geeky folks who can’t bear to leave the solid ground for the ocean because of the lack of tech, namely Xbox and Internet, and among the many other things your urban environment has to offer today. Royal Caribbean newest cruise ship, the Quantum of the Seas, will make sure you stay connected while […]

Travel: Experience The Power Of Armored Vehicles At Drive A Tank

whenever we talk about holiday destinations, most people think of sandy white beaches, clear turquoise water or the less expensive thrills like those offered by theme parks. those are the norms and so you’d be forgiven if those destinations are among the first thing that pops up in your mind. however, if you looking for […]

Travel: Boeing 727 Fuselage Hotel Suite At Hotel Costa Verde

we often wonder why there are cruise ship travels and not air cruise travels. actually we shouldn’t be asking this cos’ the reason is pretty obvious: a flying aircraft has nothing under them to make it feel ‘safe’ unlike on land or sea travels. besides, an aircraft won’t have the space for many activities anyways […]

Travel: Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway

forget about mile high club; the new black in luxury travel is going deep down, into the the blue and we are not even talking about scuba diving. we are talking about Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway, known as Lover’s Deep, by offered up by UK-based Oliver’s Travels. your fellow richie rich may have…

Travel: World View Near-Space Balloon Flights

fact: not everyone can afford a 250 grand ticket for a suborbital flight, but that’s not the be all and end all IF you have $75,000 to drop. for 75k, you can still get a view of the curve of the earth from 19 miles (or around 31 kilometers, which is roughly 79 km shy of Virgin Galactic suborbital flight) up there,

Travel: Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

if the lack of the luxe accommodation have been stopping you from going on the road (or in this instance, river) less traveled. then perhaps the Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat might change your mind. from the purveyor of ultimate river cruises Aqua Expeditions, the Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat, as the

Phinda Private Game Reserve

If you’re the sort of holiday maker who wants to be right in the heart of the action and you’re wanting to experience the ultimate in safari adventures, then the Phinda Private Game Reserve is definitely the place you want to be doing it. Set in a rather substantial 23,000 hectare site, the Phinda Private Game Reserve boasts seven

XCOR Lynx: NYC to Tokyo in 90 Minutes

if you (one) trust a rocket company to safely bring you from point A to point B, (two) has the yearning to see the space in person, and (three) has tons of cash to spare, then brace yourself for a coolest air (or rather space) travel any regular mankind has yet to experienced: a flight to the space and that will happen as early as year 2014. and the vehicle that will bring you to the…