This year has been a tough one so far, with many confined to not only countries and cities, but also the insides of homes. Never has there ever been more time to dream about travel and yet not be allowed to physically do it. So, to tickle the travel taste buds and indulge in all the places that are just begging to be explored, here are some dream destinations to visit when the lockdown is over.

“Enjoy a great Danish beer and pastry”

Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark, After Lockdown
To restore balance and peace of mind, Denmark is one of the best places to visit. Hailed for being one of the happiest countries in the world, this beautiful, vibrant country is bursting with outstanding architecture, nature, and friendly people — with Copenhagen being the hustle and bustle of all things good.

This beautiful country favors the simpler things in life, opting for cycling as a preferred means of travel and cherishing the little things. Despite its compact nature, there is something for everyone to enjoy here. From museums and art galleries to a variety of interesting nightlife, there is not much that cannot be done in Copenhagen, including grabbing a great Danish beer and pastry! 

Visiting Amsterdam, Netherlands, After Lockdown
Amsterdam is a very popular travel destination, and for good reason. Much like Denmark, it favors a slow pace of life, reveling in an abundance of cycle paths, gorgeous canals, and plenty of good walking spots.

Enjoy some fantastically unique museums such as Body Worlds, pick one of the many quaint cafes to grab a nice bite to eat while overlooking the river, or be captivated by a stunning concert. This makes Amsterdam a great place to visit after lockdown, getting out into a calm environment with lots of interesting things to do.

“There is never a moment where something isn’t happening in London!”

Visiting London, UK, After Lockdown
If lockdown has felt too quiet and stagnant, and you’re itching to get among it all again, then London is the place to be. From enchanting theaters to unique underground bars, there is so much to get involved with. See the classic tourist spots such as Big Ben, have a ride on the London Eye and enjoy all the history London has to offer when it comes to the music scene! There is never a moment when something isn’t happening!

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However, there is one slight downside to visiting London, and that is the cost. Named as one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, London can be a little tricky if someone is on a tight budget. But, if a trip to London is something that cannot be missed, then UK short term loans can cover any immediate costs so that the trip can be enjoyed to its full potential! 
Visiting Florence, Italy, After Lockdown
For those who like the finer things in life, Florence will be able to conjure up some well-deserved treats after lockdown. Wander the beautiful old streets while soaking up the gorgeous architecture, enjoy amazing authentic Italian food such as gelato or fresh pizza, and visit the stunning museums.

Florence offers a pace of life that is completely up to the individual. It is perfect for shopping at boutiques in the daytime and grazing on fine meats for lunch, or it offers a vibrant nightlife with many music bars! Whatever piques interest!

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