Fans of LEGO Star Wars may want to hit up LEGOLAND before 2019 comes to an end because, we heard that LEGOLAND has put out words that starting from 2020, Star Wars Miniland will disappear from all the parks.

Now that the family behind the brand LEGO has bought back LEGOLAND which it off-loaded a large chunk of its stake 14 years ago, it looks like LEGOLAND is shaking up the theme parks across the world and sadly, part of shake up was letting go of the Star Wars Miniland – one of the most exciting area, IMHO.

LEGOLAND Star Wars Miniland To Be Removed

According to our source, LEGOLAND has issued a press release announcing this sad move by the park management, indicating the last day to visit Star Wars Miniland is January 6, 2020. However, we find no official words posted on the LEGOLAND websites that we have visited, except for LEGOLAND Malaysia.

LEGOLAND Malaysia even had a page with a countdown timer on a special “Farewell to LEGO Star Wars Miniland” page. In LEGOLAND Malaysia’s case, the last day to visit would be December 31, 2019.

I guess some good things just aren’t meant to last.

LEGOLAND Star Wars Miniland To Be Removed


Source: FBTB.

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