Honda Will Now Sell You A 306HP Civic Type R Crate Motor For $6.5K+

I think the new Honda Civic is shit-ass ugly and if you ask me, I’d stack it up along Apple AirPods in the ugliness department. Sorry, but not sorry. If you are on the same page as me (yay, high-five!), but are like me, totally drawn to its inner beauty, i.e. its fast and furious […]

Honda’s Cute Robot Vehicle Is Basically Your Autonomous Food Truck

Autonomous cart isn’t new, but the one Honda recently showed off, called RoboCas Concept, at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show is worthy of a mention, just for the cuteness alone. Honda refers RoboCas Concept to as “a unique form of electric mobility,” but it really is a smart cart. It looks like vehicle straight out […]

2017 Honda Civic Type R: Track-ready, U.S.A-ready, But Are You Ready?

While I agree the new Honda Civic is sporty-looking by nature, I am not all for the looks. I don’t know. It looks to me like there are just way too many things going on the exterior that makes it looks so… messy, but my perception could change if it has a 2L i-VTEC DI […]

Honda’s Riding Assist Technology Self-balances A Bike Without Gyroscope

Apart from the threat from other road users, motorcycle riders have another big concern: keeping the bike from falling over when coming to a rest or in slow traffic. That has been a problem that riders of past and present learned to deal with, but thankfully, it won’t be pass on to the future (or […]

Honda In-Vehicle Payment May Make Gas Station Stores Very Worried

As we are accustomed to the routine of paying for parking and fuel as we normally would, Honda, together with Visa, Gilbarco and IPS Group, has been working to make that experience a lot more easier. Not that the current way of doing things is any more difficult, but if it could more streamlined (read: […]

Trust Me, You Will Want This Pristine 80s Honda ATC 70 Three-Wheeler

Regardless of your argument on whether a three-wheeler is a motorcycle or not, you can’t deny that the 1984 Honda ATC 70 Three-Wheeler was probably one of the greatest thing the Japanese marque has rolled out in the 80s. While the performance offered by the ATC 70’s 72 cc, four-stroke engine is definitely not something […]

1930 Henderson-inspired Custom Honda Shadow Is Absolutely Fabulous

Some custom motorcycles are like superheroes. They are all guts and glory, but at the same time, they are as mysterious and elusive as the fictional cape/mask mankind saviours. The 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline-inspired Custom Honda Shadow 600 you see here is one of those awesome, heart-grabbing custom two wheelers. Inspired by the not-so-practical but […]

Honda Civic Type R Prototype Unveiled In Paris And It Is Headed To The U.S.

Honda is a like a person. As it grew older, it mellow downs. There was one time when a regular sedan from the Japanese automaker made 160 horses easy, but then, like all things in life, it sort of “deteriorates” and while the subsequent generations still used VTEC technology, they don’t quite match the horsepower […]

S660 Engine Plumped Honda S Dream Streamliner Is The Fastest Honda Ever

At 261.875 mph, the Honda S Dream Streamliner may not have broken the world record, but it is the fastest Honda ever to be built. Also, you won’t be able to buy even if you flex your financial muscles. The Honda S Dream Streamliner is a purpose built speed rig based on the S660 sports […]

BW650 Custom Motorcycle Takes A Stab At “Armchair Builders”

We don’t know what to say about the BW650 Custom Motorcycle by Classified Moto when we first lay eyes on it. At that point, we call upon our usual mantra, which states that if it is a beauty, it is a beauty and more often than not, beauty means style and style is what many […]