Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Survival Machine

again. the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Survival Machine you see here is something money can’t buy. based on the 2013 Santa Fe Sport, this particular zombie apocalypse four-wheel survival machine is designed by Anson Kuo and was picked as the winner from among more than 82,500 fan submissions on the The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app.

Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Machine

remember the super cool Hyundai Elantra Coupe-based Zombie Survival Machine from last year’s SDCC? well, fans of both Hyundai and Walkers are treated to another in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and this time round, it is the Veloster Turbo that’s being dressed up for the fight against the undead.

Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine

the word has it that the year 2012 will be end of the world but some believed that instead of the world actually ending, the apocalypse will bring about a new threat to those who survived: zombies. needless to say, if that happens, these fresh-craving undead will be out to make you their snack…