Hyundai Joins Playstation’s Vision Gran Turismo with 871HP Hydrogen Fuel-cell Concept Race Car

Mercedes-Benz has done it and so has Peugeot and many other prominent automakers. Now, South Korea automaker, Hyundai, is in it too. We are talking about Playstation’s digital concept car designed by car makers exclusively for Playstation’s Gran Turismo video game series. That’s right. Hyundai, probably the last automobile manufacturer one would imagine to come …

Toca-tuned 600HP Hyundai Genesis Sedan Heads to SEMA Show

We hate to tease you with so many cars that you can’t buy, but just look at this Toca Hyundai Genesis Sedan, do you think we bear not to let you guys see it? Nope. We are kind people and we share because we care, and hence this article. Anyway, on with the story. The …

Hyundai Teamed Up with Blood Type Racing to Create a 1,000 Brake Horsepower Genesis Coupe

1,000 bhp or 800 hp is hardly a number anyone would associated with a Hyundai. not that the Korean car manufacturer don’t have powerful rides; it’s just that 800 is way over the top even for the most prestigious sports car makers. but there always a first right? though the first is not quite the …

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Survival Machine

again. the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Survival Machine you see here is something money can’t buy. based on the 2013 Santa Fe Sport, this particular zombie apocalypse four-wheel survival machine is designed by Anson Kuo and was picked as the winner from among more than 82,500 fan submissions on the The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app.

Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Machine

remember the super cool Hyundai Elantra Coupe-based Zombie Survival Machine from last year’s SDCC? well, fans of both Hyundai and Walkers are treated to another in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and this time round, it is the Veloster Turbo that’s being dressed up for the fight against the undead.