Apple iPhone 8 Gets (PRODUCT)RED Edition, iPhone X (PRODUCT)RED… Folio

In case you have been living under the rock at the bottom of Mariana Trench, the iPhone 8 has a new color. Yep. If you are thinking red, you are right and it is not surprisingly the (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition which, if you acquire it, part of the proceed will be go to help provide […]

Elon Musk Is Getting A Specially Customized Solar-charging iPhone X

Remember the solar-charging, uber luxury iPhone X dreamed up by Russian luxury phone customizer, Caviar? Well, it looks like it has an updated look… and price, but more on that later. In addition, we heard Caviar will be sending the first customized unit to Elon Musk. The Caviar Solar-charging iPhone X Tesla is essentially an […]

This Is How A Curved iPhone Will Look Like, But It Probably Won’t Happen

I do not keep abreast with so-called Apple rumors. However, today I picked up something that pique my interest and so I thought we’d share it with you here. We read that there is a chance that future iPhone models will have “hover” gestures and curved displays. Curved like, you know, the iconic Nokia 8110, […]

This iPhone X Bentley Edition Is As Mysterious As It Is Beautiful

Well, what do we have here? An apparent iPhone X, but Bentley branded? TBH, nobody knows what the hell is going on with this mysterious device. I managed to trace to the source of this image, but even then, little is known. Based on the lone image, it is clear that this device is the […]

Brikk Takes Aim At Newly Wedded With Lux iPhone X Union Kit Gift Set

What do very rich friends gift their very rich friends when they wed? I don’t know. Gold? Or diamonds, maybe? Well, I supposed those will do. However, if you desire something a little less mundane (in rich person’s terms, that is) without sacrificing the luxe factor that will make you look like a penny-pincher, Brikk […]

Did This China Company Just Developed Dual SIM Support For iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone has enjoying quite a success in China, well at least it was with the iPhone 6. However, it could be more successful if the device had what Chinese consumers needed most: dual SIM support. Dual SIM is a way for migrant workers to keep in touch with both their families back their hometowns […]

Who Needs Wireless Charging On iPhone X When It Can Charges Itself?

One of the ‘innovations’ Apple touts with the new iPhone X was wireless charging, but really, that ‘innovation’ is not an innovation. It has been a staple in many Android smartphones for years now and so, being a person of riches, why should you be seen using an “old technology.” I mean, come on, the […]

Clear Back iPhone 8 Look Totally Awesome, But I Suggest You Not Do It

There is something about gadgets with clear cover. I don’t know. I feel it kind of makes a gadget more “technical” and the person using it, a tad more, how do you say? Tech savvy? Or something like that, but of course, as much as I love doing it, I won’t because I will break […]

iPhone SE Reimagined With iPhone X Features And The Result Is Brilliant!

The iPhones from 6 onward had a design which is time-tested. Since the 6, the same design cues can seen in later models of iPhone and even in other makes of handsets, but the 5? Well, that, my friends, was another brilliant design which Apple have kept for a little longer than it should have, […]

iPhone X And iPhone 8: One Excites But The Other Makes Us Go Yawn

So, this is it. Just hours ago, Apple taken the wrap of the heavily leaked and rumored iPhone anniversary device, iPhone X, along with the iPhone 7 successor, now called iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Yup. iPhone 7s has been skipped. It is now straight to 8. Anyways, we are not here to regurgitate what […]