NASA Tech Enables This Japanese-made Jeans To Keep Warm And Cool

I live in a region where temperatures are more-than-warm most of the time which gives me a reason to ditched jeans in favor of shorts. Seriously, having a thick fabric wrapped around your legs in this area is crazy, but that may change with Kojima Genes x SF Project denim. Kojima Genes is a Japanese […]

Here’s The Origin Of The Small Pocket On Jeans And Its Original Intended Use

Have you ever wonder what the small pocket on jeans is actually for? I have, but never gotten to find out until now. This seemingly unimportant stitched slot has come a long way and as far as modern folks are concerned, it is a handy holding place for a variety of small stuff like coins, […]

WTFJEANS Has A Smartphone Pocket That Keeps Radiation From You

remember the smartphone-friendly I/O Denim? it turns out that it is not the only made-for-smartphone jeans in the market. in fact, Croatia-based WTFJEANS (you got to love this name, don’t you?) has been around since 2009 and is an awesome alternative if you are looking for an apparel that is designed with your smartphone in […]

Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans

now here is the deal: usually we don’t feature jeans here, but this pair of Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans from Roy Slaper looks so rocking cool that we felt it would be criminal not to feature it. this pair of denim is crafted from a newly developed 11oz per square yard (in raw state, that is) lightweight fabric that has a very vintage feel and shade to it.

I/O Denim – Smartphone-friendly Jeans

dudes. how many times have you been caught in an awkward act while trying to retrieve your smartphone from your jeans’ front pocket? we all have been in the same situation one time or another – made worst by today’s bigger phone size and tighter jeans. any how, you know what i am talking about, don’t you? strangely, large size cell phone has been around for…