I/O Denim – Smartphone-friendly Jeans

I/O Denim - Smartphone-friendly Jeans
dudes. how many times have you been caught in an awkward act while trying to retrieve your smartphone from your jeans’ front pocket? we all have been in the same situation one time or another – made worst by today’s bigger phone size and tighter jeans. any how, you know what i am talking about, don’t you? strangely, large size cell phone has been around for at least two years or more now but till now, the jeans design still bear no significant changes to accommodate the changing lifestyle (more like changing phone size). there is a revolution going on and a small startup known as I/O Denim has rethought how a jean should be for today’s large cellphone-toting gentlemen. so what’s so special about I/O Denim’s jeans? well, the highlight is of course, its I/O Pocket™, a pocket located on the left-hand side of the jeans, between the knee and the hip and along the seam of the denim. this pocket is designed to accommodate iPhones with slim case or any smartphone up to 4.8-inch screen size such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. it is placed, seamlessly and unobtrusively, within your arm’s reach, so you can easily reach out and grab your phone even when seated. the first batch of I/O Denim is affectionally dubbed as the “First Edition” and features fit that is along the line of “slim fit” jeans and for a start, it will be available only in dark indigo wash. the jeans will be made from denim of 100 percent cotton, sourced from a denim mill in North Carolina and eventually manufactured in Downtown LA. the I/O Denim is currently on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter seeking your support and for a pledge of $100 or more, a pair could be yours (with delivery slated to be in February 2013). scroll down for a cool pledge video (don’t miss the intro – its hilarious!) and see the jeans in action.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GQOh1xxhS4?rel=0&w=630&h=354]

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