Restored 1983 Land Rover 110 is Not Quite the Original But Still a Beauty

Now that the fate of Land Rover Defender is sealed, it gives fans of this iconic off-roader even more reason to retain their rides and even to acquire more. If you happens to be one of those huge fans, then you might be interested to know that another pre-Defender Land Rover is heading to the […]

This Bespoke Land Rover Defender Has a Hearse-like Glass Rear Section to Display the Webb Ellis Cup

There is only one word to describe the Land Rover Defender’s design: timeless. Though it has been through several iterations, facelift and whatnot over the three decades or so in existence, its outlook remains largely the same. Sadly, the UK automaker will cease producing this iconic off-roader later this year and apart from rolling out […]

German Tuner HOFELE-DESIGN Gives Land Rover Defender the Deserving Facelift and Luxe Treatment

As you may have heard, Land Rover Defender is in its last year of production. It is sad that the iconic model will not see more modernization, but for true Defender fans, not all hope is lost. German tune HOFELE-DESIGN decides to take things into their own hands and give the Defender its rightful facelift. […]

It’s Official. Jaguar C-X75 Will Be The Villain’s Ride in Bond Movie Spectre

You already know the next James Bond flick, Spectre, will feature the specially designed Aston Martin DB10 as the hero’s ride and probably had caught wind about Jaguar Land Rover’s involvement in the movie too. Well, the rumor has been confirmed. Jaguar Land Rover has let out the official words on their involvement in this […]

Land Rover Defender’s Production Ends This Year, So Here Are Three Limited Editions For Remembrance

Among the Land Rover models, Defender is perhaps the most widely used vehicle across a myriad of fields, including, but not limited to safari, military, and agriculture. You cannot imagine how widely it is being used and still being used today after thirty years since it was first introduced. I was fortunate enough to see […]

Land Rover Adds All-New 240 HP 7-Seater Discovery Sport To Its Stable

Land Rover is taking a stab at the crowding market of luxury compact SUV market with the all-new 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport which, like the Range Rover, will be sold under the family-oriented Discovery sub-brand and hence, the prominent (and not everyone’s excited about) “DISCOVERY” badging at its nose and tail. one look at […]

550HP Range Rover Sport SVR Is Officially The Fastest, Most Powerful Land Rover Yet

the love for horsepower and speed, comes as natural as breathing, but not so much if you also happen to have the love for Sports Utility Vehicles. in case you have these weird love combo, then you really have to check out the Range Rover Sport EVR. set to debut at the upcoming Pebble Beach […]

Land Rover Transparent Bonnet Virtual Imaging

when driving, what you see immediately ahead of you is actually not the road; it is the bonnet and this is even more pronounced if you are on a SUV or off-roader which happens to be a lot higher than regular cars. if Land Rover has its way, the hood is no longer what you will…

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic

even though the Range Rover is a SUV, wait… or was it a hatchback? never mind. it does not matter, what matters is, if you want to gun for more power, then look no further than the Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic. quite mouthful, isn’t it? but rest assure that mouthing the name will be worth…