DELL Wireless Dock

laptop docks are great for ease of grab and go without having to mess with a bunch of cables, but DELL thinks there should be a more elegant solution to this age-old issue and that solution is by the way of its DELL Wireless Dock. it was love at the first sight for us and despite its outright plain aesthetic and moniker, this device would be a magical addition to your DELL Latitude 6430u Ultrabook.

grapple – non-slip grip pad for iPads

love going all-natural with your iPad? like not having anything on just so you could appreciate its beautiful lines? while we share this love of unprotected iPad, we can’t help but to notice its sleek aluminum back, though lovely, poses a slip hazard and this where a simple accessory such as the grapple can lend some help. so what’s exactly is…

ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case

we don’t want to be kidding ourselves that a regular laptop sleeve would do any real protection for our laptops. the reality is, it is not going to absorb the impact even if the laptop appears to be sound cos’ internally, it is not going be ok and this is why you will need a ruggedized case such as the ViVAX Rugged Laptop Case if extreme

Toshiba USB powered mobile monitor is affordable and compact

(image credit: Toshiba US) Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor | US$199.00 | USB powered display isn’t the newest news but this compact little item from Toshiba could be a winner by just its price alone. this mobile monitor sports a 14-inch widescreen high definition display with a resolution of 1366 x 768px and …