LEGO Testing LEGO Braille Bricks To Help Visually Impaired Children Learn

Who would have thought that the world’s most famous toy bricks could be a useful learning tool for the visually impaired and the blind? I, for one, never imagine that, but here it is, the LEGO Braille Bricks, designed specifically to enable those with visual disability to learn to read Braille in a way traditional […]

Cute Humanoid Robot Little Sophia Teaches Your Kids Coding, Not Vanity

Can you imagine Kate Upton in a lab coat, working on a rocket? Probably not. Some ladies are just born to be models, but then again, fine ladies like Upton probably played with Barbie dolls, not Little Sophia, when she was a kid. If she had Little Sophia, who knows? Things might turn out differently. […]

Arduino LEGO-like Bricks Could Give MINDSTORMS A Run For Their Money

Up till now, the alternative to LEGO’s pricey MINDSTORMS is Arduino/Raspberry Pi, but if you have tried that, you will understand that compatibility is an issue. This result in you needing to fabricate custom cases for the board and that’s not to mention eye-taxing coding process. But hey, if you want more flexibility and not […]

This DIY Kit Lets Kids Build Their Own Tablet And Get Into The World Of STEM

When I was child, children were expected to earn their keeps, but these days, kids expect grown ups to shove a spoon down their throats. Now, you can do that, or you can continue the good’ol character building tradition by making them earn what they want. There are many ways to approach the latter, but […]

Meet Petoi, A Life-like DIY Robotic Cat Designed For STEM Education

Aspiring roboticist, Physics PhD holder and university lecturer Rongzhong Li has designed and built a robotic cat he affectionately called Petoi. This is one man endeavor with no proper workshop or even garage which is why it deserves our admiration. More so when you know how capable this robotic feline friend is. The goal is […]

Einstein Robot Adds Scientific Facts To What You Have Asked

Remember the adorable scene of Einstein bobbleheads turning alive and conversing with night guard Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller) in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian? Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have a real, miniature version of the world’s most recognizable genius who could answer the questions you have in that […]

Science Magazine For Young Girls Is The Best Thing To Happen Since Lammily

Ok. We are not here to preach some equality bullshit here. However, the fact is that there are lot less girls interested in science and even less in the field of STEM. Unlike physical attributes, intellectual is pretty much equal in both sexes and therefore, there’s really no reason not to encourage young ladies to […]

A.R. Globe Makes Learning About The World Fun And Interactive For Kids

Digital age has relegate the good’ol globe to decorative piece. I mean, who the hell need a physical globe when Google Earth is just a few clicks away? But that’s for information hungry grownups. As for kids, learning from Google Earth about the Earth itself won’t be much of a fun. Learning is different from […]

LEGO Boost Is Like The Mindstorms Kit For Pre-teen Kids

What you see here is the LEGO Boost 17101 Robotics System, a newly introduced learning toy set from the Danish toy maker that sits between the simplicity of regular LEGO and LEGO Technics sets, and the complexity offered by LEGO Mindstorm kits. Targeted at pre-teens, LEGO Boost lets kids put together a range of interactive […]

SpaceVR Wants Everyone To Become A Virtual Astronaut With Overview One

There’s really nothing for you in space. That pitch black space has no adorable Pokémon monsters to catch and I am pretty sure Game of Thrones is not a hit in the vacuum environment either, but still, most kids are enthralled by the mysterious space and have, at some point in time, hoped to become […]