Want your very young ones to pick up drawing, but don’t want to commit to a flesh-and-blood drawing coach? Well, you know what? We are in the future and the future needs no drawing tutor because, there’s Quincy.

Quincy The Robot Artist

Quincy is a robot artist, a desktop robot that has a pair of limbs for holding a pencil. Place piece of paper in front of her and pick any of the included picture and Quincy will proceed to teach your kids to draw step-by-step.

And ‘by teach’ we do mean with both action and speech. Quincy is more than a drawing coach. It is a 3-in-1 tutor. In addition to teaching kids draw, she can also use drawing to tutor your kids math as well as spelling. Folks, such is how advanced the world is now. Here’s how she works:

While Quincy is not the ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist, it should be suffice for kids to get started in drawing.

Quincy The Robot Artist is no concept. She is a real robot money can buy and she can be had for US$189. Not going to lie. It’s not cheap, but the good news is, for a limited time, Quincy The Robot Artist is going 35% less, at US$129.

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Images: Quincy The Robot Artist.

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