You heard about how some law enforcement agencies use lie detector to catch if a suspect is lying. Thanks to Elekit, you can experience being put through a lie detector test without becoming a suspect.

Elekit Lie Detector TK-724D Kit

This 25th anniversary reissue of the Japanese company’s fun learning product, Elekit Lie Detector TK-724D Kit, is not just for detecting lies; it is also a meter to see how relax you are, or measure how strong your love or friendship is with another person. But how the latter works is not clear.

As far as lie detector goes, it is said that when a person lie, his or her hands will be sweaty or moist. This kit leverage on this ‘fact’, picking up the slight change of electric resistance (due to the presence of moisture in the hand) and thus determine if the person is lying or not.

Elekit Lie Detector TK-724D Kit

It is a DIY kit that is fun and at the same time, let kids into the wondrous world of electronics. It may not be as sophisticate as STEM products, but it should be fun. Elekit Lie Detector TK-724D Kit on a 9V battery (not included) and it does require some electronic knowledge to put together.

Elekit Lie Detector TK-724D Kit can be found on Japanese online marketplace like Rakuten and sells for around 1,683 yen tax included, or roughly US$16. There is, of course, no lacking of fun lie detector in the market, but none of them lets you build it and learn the fundamentals of the device.

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Images: Elekit [JP].

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