LEGO Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

what’s more iconic than the red brick Ghostbusters HQ building and the Ecto-1? the Marshmallow Man, of course; it is kind of the next logical addition for a Ghostbusters-themed LEGO set – if there’s going to be a series dedicated to this cult comedy/horror flick. following up to his successfully nominated LEGO Cuusoo set, the …

LEGO Ghostbusters Set

we, or rather i, have been a fan of LEGO enthusiast Brent Waller’s works. it started when Waller created his own iteration of the The Dark Knight‘s Batmobile nicknamed ‘Tumbler‘. thanks to Waller and the blueprint he willingly shared with fellow LEGO lovers, i was able to build a Tumbler myself.

LEGO The Goonies 30th Anniversary Set

remember The Goonies? we suppose you do and would also have pretty fond memories of it, if not you won’t be reading this. no? anyway for the uninitiated, it was a 1985 action-adventure-comedy flick starring mainly child actors (among them were Corey Feldman, Sean Austin, and Josh Brolin), helmed by Richard Donner with