Teen Built A Vending Machine For Chicken McNuggets Made Entirely From LEGO Bricks

Two things that are really amazing about this particular LEGO project by Youtuber Astonishing Studios. First, this dude is only 16 years old and second, it is a fully functional McNugget vending machine – made entirely out of LEGO with a little help from LEGO robotic kit, Mindstorms. Granted, this sweet little creation can only […]

Black Ops 3 Purifier LEGO-lized, Can Actually Spew Out Flames!

Is there a limit to what LEGO bricks can build? Well, it looks there is almost no limit to speak off. These plastic bricks can be used to build anything from a life-size drivable car to a functioning cyborg arm to a working computer keyboard, and now, you can add flamethrower to the list of […]

Angus MacLane’s LEGO Wall⋅E Is Now An Official LEGO Set

Remember the impressive custom LEGO Wall⋅E by Pixar animator Angus MacLane on LEGO Ideas? Well, not only did it make the votes, but it has emerged victorious and is now an official LEGO set. Boasting 677 pieces, this cute little lead star from Pixar animated blockbuster by the same name features true-to-movie Wall⋅E characteristics, including […]

This Hulking LEGO Aircraft Carrier Is Actually A Personal Computer

We have seen quite a number of pretty outrageous PC case mods, but this one coming from Vietnam computer shop An Phát Computer, is a class of its own. And yes. It is a freaking aircraft carrier made out of some 900 pieces of individual LEGO bricks that measures a grand 1.1 meter (3.6 feet) […]

This Is The World’s Largest LEGO Ship And It Has Over A Million Bricks.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the ending of WWII and it seems about right for war machines buff, Dan Siskind of Brickmania, to create something appropriate: the iconic USS Missouri. USS Missouri (Hull symbol: BB-63), affectionately known as Big Mo, was the Iowa-class battleship that sailed into the port of Japan as the […]

Iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Finally Gets LEGO-lized

It kind of missed out the 30th anniversary, but I guess it is better late than never. We are talking about the much anticipated Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ which has officially LEGO-lized. The LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Set is set to hit the shelves in January 2016 for a grand price of $349.99 (ouch!). Clearly, this […]

The World’s Biggest LEGO Batmobile Measures an Incredible 18 Feet Long

Something really, really big is heading to The Art of the Brick: DC Comics exhibition in Sydney, Australia and that ‘something’ is Nathan Sawaya’s interpretation of the world most famous caped crime fighter’s Batmobile as designed by Jim Lee during a Comic-Con International Panel at SDCC. It took the LEGO maestro three months, including planning, […]

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Set Turned into Reality, Hits the Street This December for 60 Bucks

Doctor Who fans who have supported fan-designer Andrew Clark’s Doctor Who and Companions got their votes heard. This brilliantly conceived set is now an official LEGO set, slated to hit the shelves December 1st in time for the Holiday season for $59.99. The set features the Doctor’s iconic time-travelling blue police box, TARDIS and its […]

This is How Mad Max Vehicles Look Like in all its LEGO Brick Glory

There are varying degree of violence in movies. Some like the Lord of the Rings and Marvel’s superhero flicks are considered mild and are widely accepted. As such big toy companies like Danish LEGO definitely has no qualms about turning out LEGO sets for those movies. And what about Mad Max: Fury Road? Ermmm… about […]

You Won’t Believe This Iconic Akira Bike Model is Actually Made of LEGO Bricks and it Drives Too

There are many LEGO geniuses and Sariel is among them, specializing in custom Technic creations. One of his latest works that caught our eyes is this motorcycle as featured in the now-classic Akira anime. The topic of the unnamed bike rode by the 80s manga protagonist has been tackled by other top-notch builders, but what […]