With Haven Smart Lock, You Can Ram, Kick and Batter the Door, But You Still Can’t Get In

traditional dead bolt is as good as dead. why else do you think we have home alarm? because most people didn’t think their doors would hold out intruders, especially with so many “free tips” on how to pick a lock circulating on the Internet. what you need is a lock that can’t be picked. a […]

Say Goodbye To Keys And Codes, Cos’ Bluetooth Padlock Is Finally Here

there are a lot of things that has remain unchanged for decades or even centuries, and among them, is padlock. we hardly think it ever need a change, mostly because we learn to live with keys and combination codes where lost keys and forgotten codes are a norm. we live with it anyhow. but a […]

Genie Smart Lock Is The First Smart Lock To Boast 12 Months Of Battery Life

keyless entry in automobile is a commonplace, but this concept has only reach our homes in recent years. unlike auto’s variety, home keyless entry suffers from short battery life, mainly due to the fact that it has too many things to do. hey, after all, keyless entry for home are smart and are essentially, part […]

Lockitron – Home Keyless Entry

despite its very Transformer-ish namesake, there is little mystery in this product. the Lockitron (no relation to Decepticon or whatsoever) is an add-on to your regular dead bolt that will allows you to lock or unlock your home using a smartphone even when you are miles away. the benefits are countless (assuming you have total faith in technologies) are countless. for e.g…

MasterLock dialSpeed

whether you find it hard to recall combination numbers or find the need to unlock your locker in double quick time, the MasterLock dialSpeed will be up to task. instead of using numbers, it uses directional combo to unlock and is sized (51mm or 2-1/16-inch wide, to be exact) to enable one hand operation. excellent if you have…