Thanks To A FCC Filing, We Know Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds Is Coming

Many designer labels already have had their share in the audio/visual market. Louis Vuitton is no different too. Wait, what, there’s a LV-branded headphones? Well, not yet, but soon – according to a FCC filing. The wireless earbuds, called Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones, is not something that was designed from the ground up, though.

Iron Man And Louis Vuitton Monogram Is A Match Made In Heaven

Gabriel Dishaw has a thing for blending pop culture icons with Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram. Since we last saw his works, his portfolio has grew to include Marvel’s Iron Man and Black Panther, Mickey Mouse, and even Power Ranger. There are all very impressive, as always, but this Iron Man Mark LV 2 Helmet deserves […]

This $79K Crocodile Leather Backpack Should Be In PUBG Mobile

Louis Vuitton has recently unveiled a new backpack made from rare crocodilian leather, and I think it should totally be in PUBG Mobile as a Level 3 backpack. BAPE has already collaborated with the video game and so why not LV? The question is, how much should PUBG Mobile gamers pay for this exotic backpack. […]

Bizarre Louis Vuitton Backpack Umbrella Hybrid Sold For $1,875

With the exception of Balenciaga, ‘bizarre’ is not synonymous with most fashion labels. However, there will come a time even the most mainstream design house will turn out some rather goofy product, such as this backpack umbrella hybrid from Louis Vuitton’s limited edition 1996 “Shopping in the Rain” collection. It apparently did not end up […]

Here’s Louis Vuitton Space-inspired Monogram Galaxy Collection

Here’s another space-related news. Well, Louis Vuitton is not going into space, or at least not yet, but the Parisian fashion house has will get wealthy space-adoring, LV fans going ga-ga with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Galaxy Collection. It is basically the LV monogram you are familiar with, but the space serves as the backdrop. […]

24K Gold Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton Edition Should Not Be A Joke

Oh, so you think Leica isn’t expensive enough? How about a “$7 million” Nikon DSLR, like this example here called Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton edition? This luxe pro-shooter has everything any luxe enthusiast photographer would have dreamed of, including soft albino buckskin adorned with Parisian fashion house’s signature monogram and a fair amount of 24K […]

Louis Vuitton’s New “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes Are Really Super Chunky!

Louis Vuitton has never known for sneakers. Perhaps, that will change with Virgil Abloh’s involvement? Likely. Perhaps starting with the Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes. This pair is the first kicks to debut since after the founder of street wear label Off-White took the post as the artistic director at the Parisian fashion […]

FIFA Unveiled Luxurious Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Trophy Case

I am not a huge fan of the real football, AKA soccer, and hence, I do not know when the biggest event held quadrennially, FIFA World Cup, started having luxury case to hold and transport the prestigious World Cup trophy. Perhaps, it was 2010, when Louis Vuitton started providing a unique, custom case to store […]

Louis Vuitton Now Has A Subscription-based Luggage Tracker

Save for the for the ridiculously priced iPhone X, we would never have imagined ourselves associating gadgets with luxury. Well, it has happened though and this is coming from Parisian fashion label, Louis Vuitton. The product in question is a Sigfox-powered luggage tracker called Echo. Do not confuse it with Amazon Echo. This tiny black […]

Star Wars Sculptures Made From Recycled LV Bags Are Vuitton-tastic!

Leather is a material that is synonymous with luxury and obviously, it wouldn’t be a material of choice for armor that goes on, say, a Stormtrooper or an AT-AT. However, that does not stop artist Gabriel Dishaw’s imagination from running wild. Gabriel has created a series of Star Wars busts and sculptures that features leather […]