You may remember the 2,000+ dollars Louis Vuitton take of Jenga which we reported earlier this year. In the same article we also featured a ridiculously huge backpack. The grey fleece backpack that boasts chunky but subtle Louis Vuitton monogram now has a price. And guess how much it is going for? Well, like its physical size, it comes with a sizeable sticker too. We are talking about $10,000. Holy mother of… wait. Is this the priciest non-leather LV bag ever?

Louis Vuitton Enormous Backpack 2019

The enormous backpack features a duo of equally big pockets on either side and a flap closure, secured by a pair of pin hole snap straps. Rounding up the package is an oversized LV branding in what looks like a silver hardware. You know what? I think High Street fashion is taking on an extremely weird route. But we shouldn’t be all that surprise because Virgil Abloh is not a person who is conforms to the norms. He never will.

Anywho, this is one bag that you won’t want to pack it all in because, you are most definitely going to hurt your precious lower back. Then again, if an average person does drop that kind of money for a backpack, whatever are in the pack would probably all he/she had in his/her life. Just saying… Speaking of ridiculously big bag, right on the other end of spectrum of the Louis Vuitton Enormous Backpack 2019 would be the ridiculously tiny Jacquemus 2-inch handbag.

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Seriously, what is becoming of the fashion world? Perhaps, the designer fashion industry is just finally catching with Balenciaga, eh?

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