U-Boat Worx HiPer Submarine Looks Like A Supercar Submerged In Water

What you are looking at here is not front end of a supercar. It isn’t an alien spaceship with a thing for supercar either. It is a submarine. A U-Boat Worx personal sports submarine, to be precise, that will allow you to take on the water below the surface and move through it like a […]

Hermès Takes Foosball To The Luxury Realm With A $68K Foosball Table

Yup. You heard that right. A freaking $68K foosball table only from Hermès. Never would I have imagine the Parisian fashion house to turn out “luxury” recreation equipment, let alone a foosball table. But here it is, the Hermès Foosball Table. It is real, it is outlandishly lavish, and it is probably one of the […]

You Don’t Need To Swim In Gold Coins To Show You Are Rich, Just Dip Inside This $38K Bathtub Will Do

In the fictional world of Scrooge McDuck, the filthy rich, elderly duck swims in a vault of gold coins, but here in the real world, humans who are equally ridiculously rich have to content with immersing themselves in luxury with the Alvarae La Baignoir Carbon Luxury Bathtub cos’ swimming in a vault of gold coins […]

Oh, Look. There’s A Louis Vuitton Toilet You Can Actually Buy!

Yes. What you see here is really a Louis Vuitton toilet, but sadly, it is not an officially sanctioned product. I secretly wish it was. It was born out of a collaboration between online luxury goods marketplace Tradesy and Illma Gore, the prolific artist most famously remembered for nude portraits of the current POTUS, AKA […]

Shared Bikes In China Now Comes In Gold, But Do Tuhao Needs Them At All?

Shared bikes are huge in China and thanks to the booming economy, so are tuhao, AKA local tycoon. Therefore, it is about darn time that someone give shared bikes some opulent treatment worthy of tuhao who are, well, still fond of shared bikes. Ok. Maybe that does not make any sense, but hey, you never […]

Hermès Laundromat Promised To Rejuvenate Your Old Hermès Scarves

If you have a collection of Hermès scarves that are already looking ‘old’? Well, don’t cast them away, because Hermès now offers luxury laundromat services, called Hermès Pop-up Service, that promised to rejuvenate those ‘old’ scarves, making them look as good as new. And mind you, these aren’t ordinary washers. Each washer features a “three […]

Is This $2,300 Dutch Burger Really The World’s Most Expensive?

I have a lot to say about “world records” today, triggered by a so-called “most expensive hamburger in the world” we came across a couple of days ago. As you know, this being the Internet, information sometime can be rather misleading and confusing, and the record purportedly awarded by Guinness World Records to South of […]

Casa Vista Paraiso: A ‘Sustainable’ Luxury Living In Costa Rica

When rich person talks about sustainability, we bet they hardly think to start from their home. However, if you beg to differ or decide it is time to start to start with a sustainable home (beside NOT jet setting with your private jet…), then the Casa Vista Paraiso Sustainable Home maybe right up your alley, […]

The Most Expensive Property In The U.S. Comes With A Helicopter

We are accustomed to skyrocketing property prices, but one that commands $250 million is plain ridiculous, but besides being a chart topper on the most expensive property in stateside, it does come with its perks and when look at those perks, you probably will think it is money well spent, especially if you are petrolhead. […]

For £20K, You Can Fly Gold With the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition

So, you don’t have the money to fly in gold, or rose gold for that matter? Well, fret not. We have good news for you. You do not need to be obscenely rich to fly in gold cos’ with the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition offered by UK-based drone seller, DronesDirect, you can fly gold […]