Hermès Laundromat Promised To Rejuvenate Your Old Hermès Scarves

If you have a collection of Hermès scarves that are already looking ‘old’? Well, don’t cast them away, because Hermès now offers luxury laundromat services, called Hermès Pop-up Service, that promised to rejuvenate those ‘old’ scarves, making them look as good as new. And mind you, these aren’t ordinary washers. Each washer features a “three […]

Is This $2,300 Dutch Burger Really The World’s Most Expensive?

I have a lot to say about “world records” today, triggered by a so-called “most expensive hamburger in the world” we came across a couple of days ago. As you know, this being the Internet, information sometime can be rather misleading and confusing, and the record purportedly awarded by Guinness World Records to South of […]

Casa Vista Paraiso: A ‘Sustainable’ Luxury Living In Costa Rica

When rich person talks about sustainability, we bet they hardly think to start from their home. However, if you beg to differ or decide it is time to start to start with a sustainable home (beside NOT jet setting with your private jet…), then the Casa Vista Paraiso Sustainable Home maybe right up your alley, […]

The Most Expensive Property In The U.S. Comes With A Helicopter

We are accustomed to skyrocketing property prices, but one that commands $250 million is plain ridiculous, but besides being a chart topper on the most expensive property in stateside, it does come with its perks and when look at those perks, you probably will think it is money well spent, especially if you are petrolhead. […]

For £20K, You Can Fly Gold With the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition

So, you don’t have the money to fly in gold, or rose gold for that matter? Well, fret not. We have good news for you. You do not need to be obscenely rich to fly in gold cos’ with the DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition offered by UK-based drone seller, DronesDirect, you can fly gold […]

Neiman Marcus’s Fantasy Gifts Offer Cobalt Private Plane In Rose Gold

These days, anything that your hands can hold can comes in luxurious rose gold treatment. Wrist watches, smartphones, tablets – you name it – can all be coated with that shiny, opulent coating. This luxury coating can also be found on some cars and even yachts, which makes you wonder why not a private plane? […]

At $11 A Chip, The World’s Most Pricest Potato Chip Is Hard To Stomach

Calling out to potato chips connoisseurs. So you think you taste it all and knew which the best chips? Well, you probably do, but you can’t say you ate the tastiest, if not the most expensive until you savor these specially crafted potato chip from Swedish brewery S: t Erick. Obviously, this World’s Most Expensive […]

DeepFlight’s New 3-Seat Super Falcon Submarine Targets Tropical Resorts

Most people won’t be able to afford a yacht, much less a leisure submarine, in their lifetime but thanks to the collaboration between personal submarine maker DeepFlight and China-based deep-sea equipment maker and research firm Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, you may be able to ‘fly’ underwater soon when you hit up certain tropical resorts. We said […]

World’s Most Expensive Tires From Z Tyre Cost A Whopping $600,000

Tires are expendables. They get worn and need to be replaced with a new set and hence, it is hard to imagine anyone, or any establishment would consider giving this rubber compound a bling. Then again, sometimes what people and/or company thinks defy logic or sensible considerations and the same goes to the person who […]

$3,200 15-Year Rib Steak Is The Craziest Thing We Heard All Day

When it comes opulence, the sky is not the limit (remember space travel?) and while we thought lavish living includes the usual hundred dollar meals, private jets, fast cars, grand boats, and majestic properties, it appears that all those are pale in comparison to the world’s most expensive beef, the 15-Year Rib Steak from French […]