Caravan is also known as a RV, or Recreation Vehicle, or a motorhome for something as larger as the coach-like vehicle you see here, but really, it can’t be call a home if does not have a garage, can it? That said, perhaps the Performance S Motorhome from Germany motorhome maker Volkner Mobil is perhaps one of the few that could be called a ‘motorhome’ because, it indeed as an onboard garage that could fit a luxury sports car, like a Ferrari or a Porsche.

Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome

Tuck in the lower deck where it is usually use for storing suitcases for a coach is a room for a sports car of your choice and an electro-hydraulic platform to slide your luxury speed demon in and out of the mobile car bay. Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome one up the custom Mercedes-Ben Zetros which can fit an ATV at its rear. Though granted, Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome is probably not as rugged and therefore not suited for more rugged conditions.

Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome

Then again, if you have a Porsche 911 stashed in it, you are probably not prepared to going anywhere other than on proper roads. The exterior of this 40-footer motorhome may not wow, but the inside is a whole different story. It is a fully equipped home that rivals that of any tiny home, packing a double bed, a fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge area, slide out walls, carpeted and wood flooring, and a heated bathroom – just to mention a few.

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Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome

This thing here is basically a rolling penthouse, or if you will, a rolling five-star hotel. Some tiny homes aren’t even this well equipped. Now, for the good news. Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome is something you can buy, but you will need to have a couple of millions laying around because, it comes a hefty $1.7 million and that’s yet to include getting to you wherever you maybe if you do not reside in Germany. Keep reading to see it in action in the video below.

Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome

Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome

Images: Volkner Mobil.

Source: LuxuryLaunches.

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