DeepFlight’s New 3-Seat Super Falcon Submarine Targets Tropical Resorts

Most people won’t be able to afford a yacht, much less a leisure submarine, in their lifetime but thanks to the collaboration between personal submarine maker DeepFlight and China-based deep-sea equipment maker and research firm Rainbowfish Ocean Technology, you may be able to ‘fly’ underwater soon when you hit up certain tropical resorts. We said […]

World’s Most Expensive Tires From Z Tyre Cost A Whopping $600,000

Tires are expendables. They get worn and need to be replaced with a new set and hence, it is hard to imagine anyone, or any establishment would consider giving this rubber compound a bling. Then again, sometimes what people and/or company thinks defy logic or sensible considerations and the same goes to the person who […]

$3,200 15-Year Rib Steak Is The Craziest Thing We Heard All Day

When it comes opulence, the sky is not the limit (remember space travel?) and while we thought lavish living includes the usual hundred dollar meals, private jets, fast cars, grand boats, and majestic properties, it appears that all those are pale in comparison to the world’s most expensive beef, the 15-Year Rib Steak from French […]

One And Half Years On, This Is Still The Most Expensive Sandwich

It’s a shame that we just came across this, but given that the ocean of “world’s most expensive,” we authorized ourselves to be forgiven for the lapse. We are talking about the world’s most expensive sandwich, or as Guinness World Records called “Most Expensive Sandwich Commercially Available,” the Quintessential Grilled Cheese from the six decades […]

Would You Pay 100 Bucks To Savor A Purple Yam Donut With 24K Gold Leaf?

If you think donuts are just donuts, think again. Brooklyn-based Manila Social Club has up the ante in the donut arena with what could perhaps be the most lavish donut ever. Called Golden Cristal Ube Donut, aka Gold and Champagne Donut, this uber luxurious donut is based on the restaurant’s ube bae doughnut which is […]

Superyacht Takes A Dive With Migaloo M-Series Private Submersible Yachts

Forget about two-man submarine. If you really want to explore the deep blue sea and marvel at the expansive ocean, Migaloo M-Series Private Submersible Yachts are your best bet. Mind you, we are not talking about some teeny weeny submarines here. We are talking about submarine that’s way larger than an Ohio class sub of […]

The Playboy Mansion Is Up For Grab For $200M, Babes Not Included

With a rich architecture history and ownership, we are pretty sure the The Playboy Mansion, located at Holmby Hills, California, won’t be lacking of potential buyers. The asking price though, is not for the faint of heart and to top its $200,000,000 asking price tag (that’s $200 million!) is an odd clause, which states the […]

$700,000 Personal Aircraft Looks Like A Flying Craft From The Future

Forget about flying cars. They are not going to happen anytime soon. So, now your best bet would be splurging on a Bugatti that will get you from point A to point B faster, but at the mercy of the traffic, or get yourself a private jet that lets you travel farther in a significantly […]

Delta Airlines Wants To Make Shuteye On Long Haul Flights Cozier With Flight Loungewear

Sleeping onboard an aircraft is not the most comfortable experience, less you travel First Class. Even that won’t be as awesome as your home’s bed. However, Delta Airlines wants to ease that woe for customers flying long haul in Delta One cabin with a full flat-bed seats with direct aisle access, Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding, […]

Casa Brutale: Why Hang off a Cliff When You Can Live Inside the Cliff?

Just when we thought a house hanging on the face of a cliff was super dope, the folks over at the Open Platform for Architecture or OPA shows us that cliff-based dwelling could be made even cooler than Tony Stark’s Point Dume residence in Malibu (which is fictional house, btw) by having the abode inside […]