Mercedes-Benz Teamed Up with Lufthansa Technik to Develop State-of-the-Art Luxury Aircraft Cabins

Mercedes-Benz’s design department has dabbled in a variety of design projects including eyewear, furniture, leather goods, yacht and even souping up the interior of private helicopters. It suffice to say that when it comes to luxury in mobile, it is kind of the German automaker’s forte. It has taken its know-how in VIP pampering to […]

Meet Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, the Hotel Industry’s First Fully Branded Jet

Not everyone has the the luxury of owning a private jet, which means folks who want a little more opulence when jet setting will have to settle for First Class seat. Those with more spending power can also opt for private jet for hire by the hour, or one could also drop like 20 grand […]

Luxury Survival Condo: Post Nuclear Apocalypse Luxury Living. What???

In the event of, God forbid, a nuclear apocalypse, most people would be gravely concern about basic survival, but for some elite few, life is probably still about what movie to watch, whether to swim or hit the gym, because they will be snugging cosily in their impregnable underground fortress which was once an Atlas […]

Grotto-inspired Sauna Has a Sinuous Interior, is Possibly the Boldest Sauna We Have Seen So Far

Sauna is possibly the one thing in life that nobody sees a need for a change. Heating element aside, the interior has been the same for as far as we can remember. It is always the straight, no nonsense design that looks more like shelving or stadium bench seats covered with slats of planks, but […]

‘The Godfather’ Sprawling English Tudor Mansion is up for Grab, Again

You probably have read about this some years ago and yes, it is up for grab once again. So if you missed it before or didn’t have enough funds back then, here’s another golden opportunity to own it. This English Tudor mansion located at 110 Longfellow Ave., built in 1930 on Todt Hill on Staten […]

Quadrofoil Electric Hydrofoil Personal Watercraft Lets You ‘Fly’ Over Water at Up to 21 Knots

Powerboats or speedboats have long been regarded as the sports car of the open water, but there is a new kid on the block that wants usurp this status quo and its name is Quadrofoil, an electric hydrofoil personal watercraft. Hydrofoil, though rare, is not the newest new, but to find hydrofoil as a compact […]

U-Boat Worx’s New HP Sport Sub 2 is a $1.35M “Subsea Ferrari”

One can hardly consider submarine ‘sporty’, but Dutch submersible maker U-Boat Worx begs to differ. Their newest entrant, the U-Boat Worx HD Sport Sub 2, is a 2-person submersible which the company bills as the “subsea-Ferrari”. Well, it is not going to rocket you to 55 knots in seconds like a Ferrari per se, but […]

Groupon x Honky Tonk Glamburger May Not Be the Most Expensive, But it is Still Hard to Swallow for Most

folks with unusually expensive taste buds, rejoice. Groupon UK has teamed up with a Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea, London to offer you the chance to savior the World’s Most Expensive Burger, aptly called Glamburger. while Guinness World Records may beg to differ, at £1,100 a pop (US$1,768), the Glamburger is still hard to swallow […]

This Table is Crafted from the World’s Oldest Workable Wood and It Can Be Yours for $100,000

before you tree-loving, environmentalists start protesting, the Kahiko (Ancient One) Table by Ancientwood is made from the world’s oldest workable wood. meaning the wood used was not logged. instead, only fallen Ancient Kauri trees, which the wood of this table hails, are removed from prehistoric bogs and used by Ancientwood to create its one-of-a-kind pieces. […]

DeepFlight Has a New Hover-capable Submarine and It Is Called Dragon

for decades, man have soar across the sky, but the thing is, there is really nothing to see up there. it’s just blue sky (or black if its night time), clouds and more clouds, which is why flying is pretty much relegated to transportation. so if you want some seriously mind-blowing sightseeing beyond land, then […]