Skis-equipped Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Is Santa’s New Sleigh

2018 will come an end next month and you know what that means. This means that Christmas is upon us and everybody businesses, big and small, is banking on the season of buying, and Dodge is no exception. As the matter of fact, it is quick on drumming up the festivity, starting with a commercial […]

Businesses Are Banking On Banksy ‘Self Destructs’ Painting With Their Own

Anonymous artist Banksy shocked the world when his painting, Girl With Red Balloon, ‘self destructs’ moments after the hammer went down to conclude the sale in London. We now know Banksy intentionally concealed a shredder inside the frame, but we do not know whether it was a marketing stun for the artist himself or he […]

Three Ways To Build A Better Relationship With Your Customers

Customer relations are a key aspect of any business. Without forging positive relationships, it’s unlikely that your business will go very far. For this reason, it is important that you make it your goal to continuously find ways to improve these customer relationships. There are many strategies and approaches that you could take to achieve […]

Some Of The Best Practices When Crafting ’About Us’ Page

Ironically, the second most visited page on most websites is also the one most often treated as an afterthought by merchants. This is truly unfortunate, because the ‘About Us’ page represents a beautiful opportunity to humanize your business and your site, while also introducing the people who make it go to potential customers. For the […]

Pizzeria’s Whimsical Take Of The Pizza Saver Will Put Smiles On Your Face

I am sure you are familiar with pizza saver. You know, the little, three-legged plastic that comes with each takeout pizza? There is really nothing spectacular about this little plastic; it is there to do one job. Well, that was until Canada’s Boston Pizza and ad agency John St. gave it a fun twist. Recently […]

Ogilvy & Mather’s LEGO Campaigns Made Me Want To Buy More LEGO Sets

It is probably just me, but in all seriousness, you can’t deny these images of LEGO will make you adore this world’s famous brick all over again. Created by Asawin Tejasakulsin, senior art director at Ogilvy & Mather Thailand, the advertising campaigns include two series, one named Imagine and the other, Build the Future. The […]

Domino’s In The U.S. Wants To Save Your Pizza From Potholes

If your municipal can’t get its act and fix up potholes on the roads, pizza chain Domino’s will gladly do so on your municipal’s behalf – all in the name of preventing potholes from ruining your pizza. Don’t laugh. This is actually happening in the U.S. and it should count as an embarrassment for the […]

Top Tips For Building Brand Loyalty: Are You Doing It Right?

As any business owner knows and appreciates, if you want to ensure that you gain a loyal customer following and raise the profile of your product offering or range, then you need to ensure that you have a watertight strategy in place to build your brand loyalty. Remember that your brand is how your company […]

Four Ways To Digitally Market Your Business(es)

Is your business doing enough to market itself digitally? As more and more of the world we live in moves online and people spend increasing amounts of time either glued to their smartphone or tablet or connected to the Internet, so business is going to be increasingly driven by the sales that can be made […]

Augmented Reality In Facebook Messenger Is A New Age Of Advertising

Well, I bet you didn’t see this coming. Facebook is finally leveraging on Facebook Messenger to let businesses to reach out to consumers. Messenger has not been pulling in revenue for Facebook, which does make sense for a business entity (but make sense for consumers). But not anymore. At the social media company’s F8 Developer […]