75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen

So you think you’re the biggest Marvel fan? Well, if you say so. We won’t judge, but whether you are (mega fan) or not, we think the 75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen (TASCHEN, ISBN 978-3836548458) is a must-have book, even if you only have a tint of […]

Now, You Can Buy a Marvel Action Figure With Your Face On It

already got yourself a Stormtrooper mini-me? how about taking on the persona of say, Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? well, in mini-me form of course, too? as it, putting your face on a 12-inch Marvel superhero action figures. that’s what Hasbro, Marvel, Disney and a 3D printing company, 3DPlusMe is offering, albeit for a limited […]

What We Have Missed: Day 206, Week 30 In The Year Of 2014

LG G3 Beat – Mid-tier Smartphone, A Step Down From G3 a step down the flagship G3, the Beat (note: singular) is driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. it has a smaller display, at 5.0-inch with 1,280 x 720 resolution, plus a 8MP and a 1.3MP shooter, 1GB RAM, 8GB […]

This Thor Mjolnir Hammer Has The Power To… Charge Your Gadgets

the frictional weapon of choice for the God of Thunder Thor is none other then the Mjolnir, a hammer forged in the heart of a dying star and it holds some serious magical and destructive power. thankfully, only the worthy (meaning a person with ‘sound moral character and integrity’) will be able to wield it, […]

Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App

the flair to draw is kind of like an inborn thing, but that doesn’t mean all hopes will be lost if you don’t have the knack to doodle. thanks to the Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App, you, or maybe just your kids, can learn the secret of drawing of some of their favorite superheroes and villains from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse

nuts about Iron Man? then you probably have amassed a slew of its official merchandise, but we bet a wireless mouse isn’t one of them. well, fret not Iron Man-natics, now you can complete your metal-clad superhero altar with this Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse served up by Japanese firm e-Blue, otherwise known as E-3LUE (don’t ask us why).

Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case

some people just love how sleek their iPhone 5 look and will not, for anything in the world, ruin that excellency. but if you have a case that is as freaking cool as the Limited Edition Iron Mark VII iPhone Case, we guess any Iron Man fans would be able to look pass the sleekness factor. in fact, we can’t see why any Iron Man fans wouldn’t fancy this.

Iron Monger by Hot Toys

the first Iron Man movie is arguably the best and also the first to really to give the whole Marvel comic-to-live-action flick movement a jolt. what? did you mentioned Hulk or Daredevil? honestly, those just didn’t quite make the mark. anyway, the villain in the first Iron Man movie was pretty cool and memorable too, thanks in part to Jeff Bridges’ performance and of course, his uber cool…

Iron Man 3 Official Movie Trailer

May 3, 2013 is still quite a while to go but still, we are enjoying being teased by the new official trailer of possibly, the biggest movie event of the year for 2013, Iron Man 3. from the description as well as the trailer, this third Iron Man flick looks to be a little complicated and an emotional one. well, if that’s the case, then we are not sure if we would enjoy peering into the softer side…

Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica

the hype for The Avengers has probably died down but i am sure that would’t stop true fans from continuing to collect their collectibles. instead of hunting down the Iron Man’s glove or the Hulk’s fist, we think it is their weapons that are the most desirable as collectibles. if you haven’t got your…