Gunshot Wound Sealing Syringe Now Approved For Civilian Use

It is a good thing that most civilians won’t experience being shot by a gun. However, we can’t say the same if you are in stateside. Well, don’t get me wrong. If you have been following us long enough, you will know we are not against guns, but there are very bad sheep out there […]

SensorJacket Is An iPhone Case That’s Also A Contact-free Thermometer

Smartphone could be described as one of the world’s most important inventions. It has broaden a phone’s application to beyond just voice calls and text messages. With the right hardware, it could do more, like for example, taking temperature. Temperature sensing hardware and software combo for iPhone is not new, but SensorJacket is not the […]

This Thermometer Enables Caregivers To Take Accurate Temperature of Patients From Up to 3 Feet Away

Taking temperature of patients with potentially contagious disease is a risky business which healthcare workers have to live with, but not quite, if Thermowand becomes a reality. Pitched by Captains Engineering and Consulting helmed by Professor Tim Johnson of Wentworth Institute of Technology, Thermowand is an infrared temperature measuring device that allows you to stay […]

The Evolution of a Medical Device From Design to Concept to Life Saver

WHEN paramedics or emergency personnel discover a patient who has suffered massive facial or airway trauma, often in situations like a car crash, they may have to perform a cricothyrotomy, which involves stabbing a tube into the patient’s throat so they can breath. It’s a procedure you want them to get right. But in these […]

Sabi Vivacity Pillboxes by Yves Behar

if you have the need to pop some pills or vitamins as part of your lifestyle, there’s really no reason why you can’t do it with absolute style and the accessories that will see to the form and functionality are these cool Sabi Vivacity Pillboxes by celebrated designer Yves Behar. the collection has nearly every