Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Statue

Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Statue

Pacific Rim may not be a sellout in its home turf, but with some 400 millions in worldwide box office taking thus far, some parts of the movie certainly deserve to be immortalized like what Iron Man has been doted with all this while. speaking of immortalizing, what could be more awesome than having the stars of the show, specifically the nuclear-powered massive robot Gipsy Danger,

1963 James Bond’s Walther Gun

some says that Sean Connery’s portrayal of the silver screen MI6 agent is the most memorable one and if you believe so and also happens to be a no-nonsense Bond fan, then you probably want to check out this 1963 James Bond’s Walther Gun that’s put under the hammer by Sotheby’s. this is the exact piece that were used by Sean Connery for the publicity shots for four James…

The James Bond Archives

with a book named The James Bond Archives, we know what you are thinking: no. you won’t be finding top secret espionage information or even a whole 50 years worth of Bond movies in it (it’s a book for goodness sake!). instead, what you will get with this hefty 600-page bound book is a complete account of the making of the Bond franchise (made with unrestricted access to…