now that you have caught The Hobbit, you will need something to remember the big footed tiny beings by (while anticipating the next installment) and what’s better than acquiring a 272-page hardcover (rustic-looking) book that features over 1,000 images of concept artwork, photos and development paintings by the very same artists that worked behind the scenes to bring Middle-earth to life? the book that we are referring to is the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art & Design (ISBN 978-0062200907), published by Harper Design and compiled by Weta Workshop’s senior concept designer Daniel Falconer. the book captures your imagination with its lavishly decorated cover that transport you into the world of Middle-earth. the book comes with a special fold-out printed in glow-in-the-dark ink, plus a giant four-page fold-out document of Bilbo’s contract. pretty impressive stuff – even for someone like me who are not really gaga over The Hobbit. or perhaps, it was its attractive price tag of $26.39 that draws me to it? perhaps.

Harper Collins via Werd.

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