OnePlus 5 Unveiled, Has Dual-camera And Looks Suspiciously Like An iPhone 7

I kid you not. At a glance, you may mistaken the new OnePlus latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5, as an iPhone 7. Seriously, if those curved edges don’t remind you have the iPhone 7, then perhaps the striking antenna bands at the top and bottom of the device would. Granted, the curved edges aren’t completely […]

OnePlus 3T Gets Sexy Midnight Black Hue, Available In Limited Quantity

OnePlus must be feeling the heat of the competitions. Perhaps, from mainstreamers like Samsung who is gearing up to announce the electronics giant’s latest flagship this week. Why? The independent company (who’s actually affiliated to Oppo, pffff…) had announced a successor to the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T, barely six months after the 3 was […]

OnePlus’s New Flagship Killer Goes Official, No Invites Required

When it comes to smartphones, OnePlus makes little to no ding prior to its new release, but when it does release, the China-based smartphone maker makes sure it does make a ding in the hard-spec. Speaking of which, OnePlus does indeed has a new phone, the OnePlus 3, which from the get go, all we […]

OnePlus Slashes The Price Of Its “Flagship Killer” By $40, Permanently

Well, what do you know? OnePlus has slashed the price of its “flagship killer,” the OnePlus 2, to $349. That’s a good 40 bucks off the initial price tag when it was first introduced in July 2015. So, is it a sign of an upcoming flagship killer? We are not sure and won’t speculate either. […]

OnePlus Brings Signature Sandstone Finish To iPhone With This Case

Yes. You heard that right. China independent handset maker OnePlus has announced the Sandstone Case for iPhone 6 and 6s. And why the hell would OnePlus do that? Well, it is the outfit’s way of explaining the meaning of “Never Settle” to the millions of iPhone user and what better way to express it then […]

OnePlus Introduces X, An Elegant But Affordable Device Priced at $250+

Good news, fans of OnePlus, it looks like you will have another option now apart from the new OnePlus 2. Dubbed OnePlus X, it is the company’s third smartphone and the second new device to be introduced this year. And it one device that OnePlus is particular proud of in the design department. While the […]

OnePlus 2 Goes Official, Pricing and Availability Announced

The much anticipated OnePlus 2 has finally went official (about two hours ago at the time of this writing) and if at this point, you are still holding on to the original OnePlus, then you are probably waiting for this long overdue device. OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, said it took the company 400 days to […]

OnePlus’ April Fools’ Day Tiny Drone Prank Turns Out to be a Real-deal

Can you imagine a handset maker making drones? Nope we can’t, but our opinions will not affect China handset maker, OnePlus, from embarking on a prank that says they do and even setup an elaborate web page, detailing the remote control toy “features” and capability, you know, to be more convincing. The quadcopter in question […]