Lee Rosario Literally Takes ‘Amphibious’ To The Next Level Of High

I am sure you know what an ‘amphibious vehicle’ is. In the automotive world, it means a vehicle capable of traversing the water and land, and vice versa, seamlessly, but Lee Rosario’s Hyperlight Aeros takes the meaning of ‘amphibious’ to the next level of high. To be more precise, the designer’s concept of ‘amphibious’ is […]

Aston Martin Wants To Fly Into The Future With Volante Vision Concept

In addition to dreaming up its own “flying taxi,” aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce is also working with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University and UK’s luxury sports car marque, Aston Martin, on a “near future study” that explores autonomous hybrid-electric flying vehicle suitable for urban and inter-city air travel. Yes. You heard that right. Aston Martin […]

Chinese Inventor Plans To Take His “Hoverbike” On A 3,400 Mi Journey

Colin Furze did it. Hoversurf did it too and even got it to be used by Dubai law enforcement department, and so did a bunch of others. We are talking about hoverbike, AKA drone bike. Recently, one Chinese inventor Zhao Deli, a drone technician by trade, joins the growing enthusiast-built flying motorcycles with a pretty […]

Opener Unveiled BlackFly Flying Car, But It Really Is An Ultralight Aircraft

According to Wikipedia, a flying car is “a type of personal air vehicle or ‘roadable’ aircraft that provides door-to-door transportation by both ground and air.” So, what really is a flying car? My definition would be a car-like vehicle that flies. Whether or not it is roadable is non-consequential (think Fifth Element). But I guess […]

Rolls-Royce’s Idea Of Flying Taxi Is One That Has Rotors That Folds Away

Lets face it. The Fifth Element kind of flying cars is not going to realize anytime soon. Instead, you are looking at more conventional “fly cars” such as this one proposed by Rolls-Royce. The aircraft engine maker unveiled this concept personal air transportation at Farnborough Airshow. As you can see, it is a VTOL, short […]

Some Guys Built A Manned Flying Bathtub, Flew It To Buy A Bread

There are YouTubers who love to take risks and then there are YouTubers who take risks with things they have made. Germany YouTubers, The Real Life Guys, belongs to the latter, which kind of made them super cool. Super cool because, they have made a working submarine, design and built a variety of flying contraptions, […]

Who Needs A Drone When You Can Fly A Mosquito Helicopter To Work?

How much time does it take for you to get from your suburban, luxurious mansion to your office in downtown during peak hours? I know right. It felt like forever. Well, if you want to make getting stuck in the traffic a thing of the past, my suggestion is, go check if you office tower […]

Hoversurf’s Hoverbike Gets Inducted Into Dubai Police Department

In a short few months since the revealing of the real-life functional hoverbike, Hoversurf has apparently secured a deal to provide Dubai Police Department with the company’s low altitude flying machines for cop duties. However, don’t expect the Hoversurf to do pursuit duties though. It obviously won’t cut it in several departments. This ain’t no […]

Guy Builds Working ‘Hoverbike’ In Just Three Weeks In His Garage

Folks, this is FlytCycle, a garage-built ‘hoverbike’ that took mere three weeks to take it from nothing to flight. The project started sometime in late April and completed in May, but by July, this flying contraption has already clocked in numerous test flights. Powered by no less than ten electric motors, arranged in a two-tier […]

DeLorean ‘Flying Car’ Is Not The DeLorean You Have Come To Expect

DeLorean did not promised us flying cars, but Back to the Future II sure planted that idea into our head. Since then, companies and individuals have not stop trying to make car fly, which now apparently includes the DeLorean. Wait, what? A flying DeLorean? A very interesting prospect that piqued a BTTF fan like me. […]