PolarPro Sets New Bar For Light Transmission With New Lens Filters

Shooting pro-level kind of images is not by accident. You will need to know how to work a camera and sometimes, you need a little help from filters. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. The fact that smartphone makers are fervently pursuing the filter route by the way of software should offer a hint of […]

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD Is Rugged, Lets You Backup In Field Without Laptop

We briefly touched on GNARBOX in our Top New Gadgets for Content Creators article last December and now, we heard that GNARBOX has a new kid on the block. Called GNARBOX 2.0 SSD, this latest field backup device is a true blue field device. Best of all, it is perfect for those who head out […]

This AI-enabled Photography Gadget Will Help You Take Pro Images

I am not going to lie. I am one of those who are intimidated by the many settings a DSLR has to offer. The exposure, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and such all works to overwhelm this timid gadget man and you can imagine the delight when Aurga pops up in our inbox, I was […]

This Is A Wearable Smartphone Stabilizer That Can Lock On Its Subject

Even with optical image stabilization technology, smartphone video footage is far from stable and so, if you adamant about using your smartphone as the video recording of choice, then you will need a stabilizing rig like the FlowMotion ONE Smartphone Stabilizer. What makes FlowMotion ONE Smartphone Stabilizer unique is, it is the first such accessory […]

Edelkrone Reinvents Tripod By Doing Without The Three-leg Design

A camera tripod’s design has stuck for a long time and for good reasons: the adjustable, three-legged design offers reasonable amount of stability and at the same time, affording the flexibility for use on uneven terrains. So, there’s really no need for anyone to reinvent the wheel. The tripod is good as it is, but […]

Polaroid BrightSaber Lights Up Your Subject, Not Maim Or Kill Them

At a glance, BrightSaber looks like a toy Lightsaber for kids, but it is, of course, not. Granted, the name does sound a little pun-ish (probably, intentional) but it has absolutely nothing in common with a fictional Lightsaber except that both lights up brightly. And so, yeah, BrightSaber is neither a sci-fi weapon-made-real, nor is […]

This Ring Light for Smartphone Lets You Take Selfies in the Dark

Every geek knows who Julie Watai is. This super kawaii Japanese photographer, DJ, model, music producer and geek, who makes Furby speaks like Martians (among other things), wants selfie enthusiasts to take better selfies in lowlight condition. How? With Kira, a ring light designed specifically for smartphone. Simply put, Kira is like the ring light […]

Smaller Than Pocket-size Relio is Possibly the Most Gorgeous Photography Light We have Seen

Sometimes, the only thing that stands between your camera and a good photograph is light. Thankfully, there are bountiful of solutions out there, but when it comes to real portability, we think the Relio Photography Light could be the only one that actually slips into the pocket. Yup. You heard that right, photography light that […]

Satechi Outs Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Connectivity and Built-in Rechargeable Battery

i am sure you guys are familiar with selfie stick. it is the must-have tool if you want to take your career in selfie to the next level. speaking of selfie stick, Satechi has join the growing number of selfie stick makers with their very own ‘smart selfie stick’, or more correctly known as the […]

Hufa Lens Cap Holder Solves The Age-old Problem of ‘Where To Put Your Lens Cap’

sometimes the smallest invention is all we need to enhance our life’ experiences. there is no denying some issues are so minute that we sometimes just chose to ‘live with it’, but that really shouldn’t be the case. the Hufa Lens Cap Holder is one such example of a small invention that could change your […]