Have it ever occurred to you why both firing a gun and the act of capturing a picture or video with a camera are both called shooting? Perhaps, it is because, both requires aiming and both sort of ‘capture’ something. Also, have it occurred to you why a rifle is more accurate than over, say, a pistol that has shorter body and without a stock? Stability is one of them. So, it kind of makes sense to do photography with a camera affixed onto a rifle stock, doesn’t it? It’s like a no-brainer. I mean, a rifle stock has the length for a sturdy hold, a stock for stabilizing using your body as stabilizer, and an ergonomic handling lend to it by a handle and a conveniently located ’trigger’.

DIY Rifle Stock for Camera

Such was the thing that Alex of YouTube channel I Did A Thing replicated after seeing an Asian photographer who kind of went viral when he was photoed for doing photography with such a stock. It was perhaps the coolest thing ever to happen in photography, but also one that may just gets you the undue attention. Given the current sentiment with regards to firearm, you can’t be too careful, can you? Anywho, Alex further found that this old photographer wasn’t the first. Way before Internet, in the 50s, there was a similar contraption from the then Soviet Union called Photosniper. So, Alex went ahead and recreate his very own, but he was quick to emphasize that his version is much matter.

DIY Rifle Stock for Camera

Already, you know what is going to happen. The result is a super dope rifle stock for camera, complete with bipod and all, and a video of him making it loaded with humor. Even the video title “A Humane Way To Shoot Animals” tickles. To be honest, though, Alex’s version wasn’t as cool-looking as that Asian gramp. His appears to be repurposed from an actual rifle. I could be wrong though. Whatever the case is, this is one hell of a way to make shooting with a DSLR cool.

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On a side note, if you are planning to make one yourself and using it, may we suggest you NOT to use it with the weirdest macro lens, the Laowa 24 mm f14 Probe Lens, because, it will most certainly make you look like you are armed with a rifle and that’s not good news in the public. Just a thought there. If you are keen, skip ahead for the aforementioned video.

Images: YouTube (I Did A Thing).

Source: PetaPixel.

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