Fujifilm instax SQUARE Printer May Just Make Printing Photos Fun Again

Thanks to the popularity of Instagram, square format images are again a thing (it should always be anyways). Personally, I don’t favor square format photos, except when they are printed and if you are on the same page as me, well, good news to us, because Fujifilm has a new printer that does square print […]

Kodak Printomatic Is A Photo Printer And A Digital Camera Rolled Into One

Somewhere between an instant camera and a regular digital camera lies the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera. It is a new breed of camera that is kind of like an instant camera (of sort), but yet, it also stores captured images on a microSD card. It won’t spit out photos instantly like a Polaroid does; […]

Robo R2 Lets You Do Create Large Scale 3D Printing With Mobile Device

3D printing is so common today that you can say 3D printer is a dime a dozen. Accessibility has improved greatly too and now, 3D printer maker, Robo 3D wants to take that accessibility even further with WiFi-enabled Robo R2 smart 3D printer which will let you unleash your creativity right from a mobile device. […]

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Prints On ZINK Photo Paper, Cost Just $130

HP is no stranger to making printers which kind of surprises us that the computer hardware maker is not actively covering all matter of prints. Ok, may it has. Anyways, the HP Sprocket you see here is the company’s latest portable printer that produces 2 by 3 inches photos, complete with a peel-and-stick back to […]

LifePrint: Harry Potter’s Moving Portrait Is Real!

In this digital age, hardly do we print photos. Seriously, why should we when digital images like Apple Live Photos move? Plus, videos and GIFs are more fun, aren’t they? But if you have LifePrint, then that’s an entirely different story. LifePrint is an augmented reality photo and wait for this… video printer. Yup. It […]

ZIP Mobile Printer, Polaroid’s Pocket-friendly Instant Photo Printer is Now Open for Pre-order

Continuing to carry the torch of instant photography, Polaroid’s ZIP Mobile Printer caters to those who prefer not to go with those instant shooter with printer varieties (digital ones, that is), but still wish to have the power of, well, Polaroid instant cameras. With the ZIP (acronym for Zink Instant Photoprinter), you basically turn your […]

PancakeBot Will Print Edible Pancake in Any Shape You Desire

For everyone who thinks that round, flat pancake is totally uninspiring, PancakeBot may just be right up your alley. Remember how your mum told you not to play with food when you were a kid? Well, in the case of the world’s first pancake printer, it beckons you to play with it, quite literally. Like […]

Artist Turned Game Boy into a 8-bit Gun That “Point and Shoot” (and Print)

Give a talented, gizmo-inclined artist a Game Boy, a GB camera and a GB thermal printer, and what do you get? To be honest, we are not sure about what other artists will do, but for Dmitry Morozov, it was an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind ‘firearm’ that literally lets you “point and shoot”. This […]

EKOCYCLE Cube Prints 3D Print Projects Using Post-Consumer Plastic Waste

while we are all excited by the prospect of 3D printing, we can’t help but to imagine the amount of plastic waste the world with 3D printing will generate. it is not going to be pretty on the global scale, since virtually anyone can start prototyping without giving a second thought and we probably have […]

Printeer Opens Up The World Of 3D Printing To Your Young Ones

we have already gotten kids started with touch devices and coding, well, why not engage them in the world of 3D printing too? sounds cool? but there’s just one slight problem here. today’s 3D printers, though touting ease of use, is not necessary the easiest for kids (whiz kids, excluded) and hence, the birth of […]