LoudBy SoundCase For Samsung GALAXY S4

one thing that Samsung’s smartphone never overcomes is sound. no good will come to any speaker placed at the back as the sound will be firing away from you and that’s not to mention that when the phone is placed with the back down, which is as good as covering up the speaker.

OAXIS InkCase E-ink Case For Smartphone

while YotaPhone offers a second screen suitable for contents like ebook, maps and more, you don’t need to resign yourself to a device which you probably can’t get outside of Russia and Europe if you wished for such functionality; all you need is the OAXIS InkCase.

Moment Lenses for Smartphones

today’s smartphones’ imaging quality is on par with most point-and-shoot cameras, but if you are looking to take your creativity to the next level, then add-on lens is a must and for that, you can look to the Moment Lenses for Smartphones.

Nodus Access Case

wallet-style cases are not new and today’s slew of offerings does require your device to be clicked to a snap case-like contraption or worst, slide your device into a cumbersome leather ‘pocket’ which hinders access and difficult to remove, but with the Nodus Access Case

Seals Remix Rugged Case for Samsung GALAXY S4

however “active” the GALAXY S4 Active is, it still won’t survive serious beatings present in serious outdoor activities such mountain climbing, white water rafting and the likes. even if it does, you will ultimately face the inevitable aesthetic marring on the handset (aka “battle scars”), which in the books of any style-conscious folks, is a

Style Box by Case-Mate

honestly, iPhone cases are the last thing we expect to be the target of a comprehensive marketing effort. the norm with iPhone cases, or any other smartphone accessories for that matter, would be plain simple advertising and therefore, a ‘real campaign’ was never in the picture. but not with these cases from Case-Mate, a brand now recognized as the purveyor of fashion-forward mobile accessories.

PureGear Retro Game Case for Samsung GALAXY S4

you maybe toting the latest smart communication gadget in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little old school, tactile gaming to keep yourself entertained during those long, arduous commute or perhaps, if you dare, in one of those monotonous meetings where you are one of those unwilling

Samsung GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit

if you are looking for convenience in charging your S4 without having to deal with cables, Sammy’s GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit might be an accessory of choice (for original accessories obsessed folks). out-of-the-box, the S4 is not wireless charging-ready, so in order to go the wireless charging route

Pong Gold Reveal Cases for iPhone 5

we are no stranger to iPhone cases; they offers protection for your phone, but does it protect you? well, this one does. known as the Pong Gold Reveal Cases by Pong Research, these unique cases for iPhone 5 feature embedded gold-plated Pong antenna that is said to protect you from the wireless energy while optimizing the device performance. nobody really knows what’s the side effect, if any at all, of long term