InkCase Plus Adds A Second E-Ink Display To Your Android Phone To Conserve Battery

battery life is almost always the top concern when it comes to gadget, especially smartphone. according to study, an average person check his or her phone around 110 times a day (that’s a hell lot checking of phone if you ask me). couple that with the fact that the display consumes up to 50 percent […]

Marshall Wants Your Phone To Look And Feel Like Guitar Amps

when it comes to phone cases, there is hardly anything to detail, less it has some ‘magical properties’, and the Marshall Phone Cases here are no exceptions. to layman, the new Marshall Phone Cases, available for both iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, is just another case, but for musicians, more specifically guitarists, it represents […]

iLuv selfy Case Has An Integrated Remote Shutter For Capturing Selfies

selfie fanatics rejoice, for iLuv has the product that’s designed to take your selfie career to the next level. meet iLuv selfy, a protective case for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S5 that features a remote shutter integrated to the back of the case. in a non-selfie scenario, the case’s dual-layer, shock absorbent design protects your […]

iPin Laser Presenter For iPhone

how many times have you found yourself frantically searching for that tiny laser pointer when it is time for your presentation? if the answer is yes, then we think the iPin Laser Presenter for iPhone is just what you will need. most of us won’t forget our smartphones and so it does make sense to incorporate a laser…

Prescient Audio AudioCase

give your GALAXY S IV or iPhone 5/5s a serious boost in the sound reproduction department without lugging along an external portable speaker with the Prescient Audio AudioCase. unlike the earlier example by Sonic Force, the AudioCase is an “active” (aka powered) speaker case that employs Prescient Audio’s pioneering ThinDriver…

LoudBy SoundCase For Samsung GALAXY S4

one thing that Samsung’s smartphone never overcomes is sound. no good will come to any speaker placed at the back as the sound will be firing away from you and that’s not to mention that when the phone is placed with the back down, which is as good as covering up the speaker.

OAXIS InkCase E-ink Case For Smartphone

while YotaPhone offers a second screen suitable for contents like ebook, maps and more, you don’t need to resign yourself to a device which you probably can’t get outside of Russia and Europe if you wished for such functionality; all you need is the OAXIS InkCase.

Moment Lenses for Smartphones

today’s smartphones’ imaging quality is on par with most point-and-shoot cameras, but if you are looking to take your creativity to the next level, then add-on lens is a must and for that, you can look to the Moment Lenses for Smartphones.

Nodus Access Case

wallet-style cases are not new and today’s slew of offerings does require your device to be clicked to a snap case-like contraption or worst, slide your device into a cumbersome leather ‘pocket’ which hinders access and difficult to remove, but with the Nodus Access Case