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Audi Sport Quattro Concept

still feeling nostalgic about the rides of yesteryear, in particular the 80s where Euro-made cars were rattling the dirt playground? well, don’t be cos’ as much as would love to flashback on our love for Lancia Delta, there are much to look forward to like this Audi Sport Quattro Concept. the new Sport Quattro marks the 30th birthday of the Sport Quattro first introduced at the 1983 IAA which was essentially a homologation model for the WRC, so it makes sense for the German automaker to slide a bit of design inspiration from the iconic Ur-quattro and Sports Quattro that ultimately set a record at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the 1987. the similarity is not literal, but from the stance and profile, it does evoke some resemblance to the one ride that once set our hearts on fire. if that doesn’t strike you so, we are sure the angular, flat C-pillars, the blisters over the fenders and the rectangular, double headlights design (albeit, implemented with modern technology by the way of Audi’s Matrix LED technology), would. the latter, along with the new striking, single-frame grille, are design cues pointing to future Audi production models. Continue reading Audi Sport Quattro Concept

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6

the AMG-souped up G-class has always been our favorite and honestly, we never thought it could be bettered by anything else – until we stumbled upon the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6. yes. it is a G63 and yes, it has six wheels; that’s three axles, and all of them are driven. as surreal as it may seem, this is not a dream. this beast is very real, or at least there’s one breathing and living example at this very moment, as witness in the video below, tearing through the desert. now, here comes the good news for you folks with very deep pockets: there’s plan to put the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 into production. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6

Honda Gear Concept Study Model

Honda Gear Concept Study Model
if you thought Acura has stolen the lime light from its mothership at the recent Detroit Auto Show, then perhaps the Honda Gear Concept Study Model should do the core brand a wee bit of justice. we know it is just one car but that’s enough for us cos’ the Gear is looking so damn sexy that we each want to have one now and we do really mean now. the LA studio designed Gear graces the show floor of the Montreal International Auto Show (January 18 to 27, 2013) and according to the Japanese automaker, it is aimed squarely at young (ok, we are out of that demographic. sad), trendy, Gen-Y-ers. Continue reading Honda Gear Concept Study Model

smart forjeremy Electric Car

smart forjeremy Electric Car
smart forjeremy Electric Car | US$tba | int.smart.com

a collaboration between an auto maker and a star designer usually result in a car with nothing but materials and color schemes as chosen by the designer but that’s not the case with the smart forjeremy Electric Car. with the forjeremy, smart scores as the first automotive marque to actually allow its collaborating designer, in this case, Jeremy Scott, to make changes to the vehicle’s body. based on the current production version of the smart fortwo electric drive, the forjeremy has Jeremy Scott’s signature ‘Wings’ design as part of the vehicle. Continue reading smart forjeremy Electric Car

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl showcar – a yacht on land

Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl Showcar 544x368px
(credit: Daimler) Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl Showcar | €na | www3.mercedes-benz.com

Mercedes-Benz wants to show the world that traveling in a van need not to be dorky but it should be a journey to enjoy, like you would on a yacht. well, except that you can’t “roam” around the van like a real boat. to do that, it has announced the luxury van Viano Vision Pearl showcar ahead of its world premier at the International Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung or IAA) this September. the Viano features a redesigned front end with integrated LED daytime running lights, a matte “magno pearl grey” (pebble-grey) paint job, a high-end specially crafted sound system, and an outright luxuriously pimped up interior. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Viano Vision Pearl showcar – a yacht on land