Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive

even with up 64GB on your mobile device, the storage is always never enough – not even when you throw in the SD card if your device supports them – if you have an insatiable appetite for digital medias and frankly, who doesn’t? really. the obvious solution is to go with external portables such as the Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive which not only offers

Martian Passport Watch

smartwatches are, well, smart but not so smart in the fashion department as far as your favorite tuxe is concerned. honestly, stuff like I’m Watch or the InPulse does look kind of out of place in any formal attire. so, if you are all over Bluetooth watches, perhaps the Martian Passport Watch will be a more fitting match. instead of some fancy touch display, it has a ‘traditional’ analog watch

Vyne Handsfree Smartphone Stand

whether you are using a wired earpiece or Bluetooth headset, it is still never considered truly handsfree if your hands (or hand) has to hold on to the phone. at least not until you have the Vyne handsfree smartphone stand. constructed of flexible elastomer neck with a hard plastic clip on one end, the Vyne is designed for viewing media or do your video calls

The Orobis Transform – a Lightning and microUSB hybrid cable

Apple is not the reigning portable gadget maker and hence, we don’t depend on Lightning cable all the time. so if you are like most of us here that has the need for both the Apple Lightning cable and a microUSB cable (common among non-Apple devices), then The Orobis Transform should help

Eastern Collective Lightning and USB Cables

remember the beautiful Eastern Collective Textile iCables? well, it has been updated to include Apple’s new Lightning connector as well as micro and mini USB cables popular among Android devices (and they even have auxiliary cable for your media devices too). without doubt, they are a refreshing change to your usual

PhoneJoy Play – Game Controller for Smartphones

touchscreen smartphone gaming is fun but it is not without flaws and one such noticeable flaw is the touch itself. since touch controls share the same real estate as your game, it tends to block out some part of your gaming display which is not good for your gaming experience. this is the part where the PhoneJoy Play game controller for smartphones can…

MEEM Memory Cable

although syncing the phone is not a mammoth task but still, many smartphone users fail to do so. it is indeed an odd phenomena which can have devastating consequences in the event that the phone decided to give up on you or your handset got misplaced or stolen. this where MEEM will be able to help. the concept behind MEEM is a no brainer: since charging your phone is…

TYLT Band Car Charger

tablet and smartphone users all have one common fear and that’s the constant worry of hitting a flat battery. hence, we look towards portable batteries and lug along our charger or chargers at the same time in preparation for this inevitable outcome that usually strikes us midway through our busy day. however, if you have a car, then you can count yourself being better off..