Natural Wood Cases for Samsung Galaxy S III

Natural Wood Cases for Samsung Galaxy S III Walnut
Natural Wood Cases for Samsung Galaxy SIII | US$46.99 |

one thing that smartphone users can’t get enough are cases but sadly, the market has been flooded with cheap, look-like-each-other, plastic cases that though protects your precious devices, they just don’t cut it in the style and individualism departments. that’s even worst when it comes to Android devices but for the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S III users, more choices are here. Hong Kong-based SIGNI has introduced a couple of real wood hard cases that aims to protect your S III stylishly. available in a choice of Walnut or Sapele hardwood, these two-piece cases are handcrafted from real non-endangered natural wood and features unhindered access to all the ports and buttons, camera, flash and speaker openings, protective felt on the internal’s back and only adds just 26 grams to your S III’s weight. however if having a smooth finish is not your cup of English Breakfast, there are alternate models that feature engraving of vintage camera patterns on the back of the cases. the Natural Wood Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII is going for $46.99 a pop via SIGNI official website. oh, there is also an even more eco-friendly model handcrafted from bamboo for the serious treehuggers – also costing $46.99 each. click through for a few more look.

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