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Acer and Ferrari announced LiquidMini Ferrari Edition

Acer LiquidMini Ferrari Edition 544x380px
(credit: Ferrari) Acer LiquidMini Ferrari Edition | US$407.00 | store.ferrari.com

remember flaming red Acer Liquid E cobranded with the prancing horse marque? Acer and Ferrari has announced yet another collaboration called Acer LiquidMini Ferrari Edition. though it is called ‘mini’, i am not sure how mini is the mini as hard specifications are pretty scant at this point. however, we do know that the LiquidMini Ferrari Edition will be powered by Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread and features a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive multitouch display. other known features include 512-MB of RAM, a 5.0-megapixels rear-facing camera, onboard storage of 8-GB and Acer UI 4.2. Continue reading Acer and Ferrari announced LiquidMini Ferrari Edition

Samsung announced a quartet of Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones 544x311px
(credit: Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Smartphone | US$tba | www.samsung.com

following its success with Galaxy Tab, Samsung has announced a quartet of smartphones taking on the Galaxy namesake and along with it, a brand new branding strategy. the quartet of Galaxy handset includes Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro – all running on Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread OS. at one breath, four phones are being announced which makes me wonder if there is indeed the need for so many variation? Samsung even has a ‘glossary’ that explains what each alphabet means, speaking of which, i shall spare you the torture of reading through a lengthy Samsung Galaxy dictionary. read along for a little more detail on each of these Galaxy smartphones. Continue reading Samsung announced a quartet of Galaxy smartphones

RIM introduces new BlackBerry Curve Smartphones

BlackBerry Curve 544x388px
(credit: RIM) BlackBerry Curve Smartphone | US$tba | www.rim.com

hot on the heel of the recently announced BlackBerry 7 OS powered smartphones, are the new BlackBerry Curve smartphones. the Curve lineup includes 9350, 9360 and 9370 – all which are running on the new BlackBerry 7 Operating System. endowed with a sleek and slimmer form factor, the Curve features goodies such as 5-megapixels camera with flash, 800 MHz processor (no mention of processor specific, though), HVGA transmissive TFT display, microSD/SDHC card slot (supports up to 32-GB), GPS (with aGPS), geo-tagging, audio and video playback and Wi-Fi connectivity. other highlights include built-in support for Near Field Communication (NFC), improved BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and better social network integration. the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 smartphones is slated to be available from carriers in Canada this month and from other carries around the world from September onwards. pricing is of course, carrier specific. Continue reading RIM introduces new BlackBerry Curve Smartphones

Motorola DEFY+: Android 2.3 and 1GHz processor

Motorola DEFY Smartphone 544x450px
(credit: Motorola Mobility) Motorola DEFY+ | US$tba | www.motorola.com

latest to join Motorola fast growing list of Android-based smartphone is DEFY+ that will hit the stores across Asia, Europe and Latin America starting in early Fall. powered by a fast 1GHz processor and running on the latest Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) operating system, this smartphone is water resistant, dust proof and has scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. its water resistant property means user will no longer worry about sudden down pour when using your smartphone outdoor, or bringing it to the beach without bating an eyelid. along with its preinstalled CardioTrainer application, you can bring DEFY+ to your work out session, less the worry of sweat getting into the handset. pretty neat feature for those with active lifestyle but as for a lazy bump like me, its probably the rain that i am more concern with. Continue reading Motorola DEFY+: Android 2.3 and 1GHz processor

if this is how the iPhone 5 would look like. i will take two!

MacRumors-CiccareseDesign iPhone 5 Render 544x408px
(credit: CiccareseDesign/MacRumors)

we have seen a handful of iPhone 5 ‘designs’ but this could be the closest to the real deal yet. the render was created by design house CiccareseDesign as commissioned by MacRumors, and it was rendered “as closely as possible to the original leaked case designs.” apart from modeling after the supposedly leaked iPhone 5 case design, the render also took some hints from the rumors that has been flying around the Internet, such as aluminum back, large edge-to-edge display et cetera. seriously, if the iPhone 5 is going to look like this, i’d take two of those. no kidding. i am such a sucker for design and i must say CiccareseDesign and MacRumors did quite a spectacular job in their rendition. way better then the supposedly iPhone 5 clone built by a Chinese guy we have seen earlier. join me after the break for a few more images. Continue reading if this is how the iPhone 5 would look like. i will take two!

Motorola XT531 Smartphone. its Android 2.3 and its budget

Motorola XT531 Smartphone 544x588px
(credit: Motorola Mobility) Motorola XT531 Smartphone | US$tba | www.motorola.com

Motorola has just announced its newest addition to its growing list of Android handset. dubbed the Motorola XT531 Smartphone, it is touted to be a budget-friendly Android smartphone that runs on Android latest 2.3 Operating System (aka Gingerbread) but just exactly how ‘budget’ it is remains to be seen. China will be the first country to received this handset this month, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan and selected countries in Europe and Latin America starting this Fall. Continue reading Motorola XT531 Smartphone. its Android 2.3 and its budget

RIM introduces five new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones 544x328px
(credit: RIM) freshly announced BlackBerry 7 Smartphones (from L-R) Torch 9810, Bold 9900/9930, and Torch 9850/9860

yes, RIM is very much alive and undaunted by their recent set back, they have announced plans to launch not one but five new BlackBerry smartphones powered by its BlackBerry 7 OS. the five smartphones include the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, and the new Torch 9810, 9850 and 9860 smartphones. the Bold duo are the thinnest smartphones from RIM to date and is designed in the tradition of the BlackBerry Bold with the integration of a 2.8-inch multi-touch display. the Torch handsets, on the other hand, features large touchscreen display of 3.2-inch and 3.7-inch for the 9810 and 9850/9860, respectively. additionally, Torch 9810 features a slide out keyboard for faster typing. Continue reading RIM introduces five new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

Motorola Mobility rolls out DEFY and XT316 Android handsets

Motorola XT316 and DEFY 544x538px
(image credit: Motorola Mobility)

yesterday Motorola Mobility announced two new Android handsets for Taiwanese and Chilean market. the former, is what Motorola touted as “fashionable Android 2.2 smartphone” that combines “fun of social media with a SWERTY keyboard. dubbed the XT316, it comes equipped with 2.8-inch QVGA TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256-MB of RAM, a 3.0-megapixels camera and a built-in 3-axis accelerometer. one of the highlights is the exclusive Moto Switch that allows user to quickly switch between work and friends-oriented desktop themes. connectivity include micro USB for charging and data transfer, 3.5-mm audio jack, WiFi, as well as Bluetooth. the phone onboard 512-MB flash ROM is supported by a supplied 2-GB micro SD card (expandable up to 32-GB). the XT316 will be available on July 22 in Taiwan with an MRSP of NT$7,900 (about US$273). Continue reading Motorola Mobility rolls out DEFY and XT316 Android handsets

Motorola XT860 4G: world’s thinnest QWERTY slider smartphone

Motorola XT860 4G Smartphone 544x738px
(credit: Motorola Mobility Canada) Motorola XT860 4G Smartphone | US$tba | www.motorola.com

Motorola has been busy churning out new handsets recently and the latest handset to be announced is the Motorola XT860 4G Smartphone announced by Motorola Mobility Canada. the XT860 4G will be available soon exclusively through Bell Mobility in Canada. this Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbred) powered handset is touted to be the world’s thinnest QWERTY Slider Smartphone, measuring just 12.9-mm thin, along with a 63.9-mm width and 123.3-mm length. Continue reading Motorola XT860 4G: world’s thinnest QWERTY slider smartphone

roundup of five luxury mobile phones in recent time

round up of five luxury mobile phones 544x311px
(credit: graphics by mikeshouts.com) click on above image to view larger alternate image

just like everything else in life, mobile phones have their luxurious counterpart and we have seen more of them being introduced into the market in recent years. for the uninitiated, luxury mobile phones are not just Vertu alone, although they are very much alive and kicking, and they are not just ‘blinged’ up item of its ‘lesser’ counterpart but each of them are purposely made luxury. what set these luxurious phones apart from the rest are not its user features but for its construction and aesthetic appeal. today, we shortlisted five most stunning and alluring luxury phone to grace the mobile communication world in recent time. Continue reading roundup of five luxury mobile phones in recent time